How To Earn Money Online In Kenya Via Mpesa [2022]


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The internet can be regarded as a literal ‘goldmine’ owing to its vast array of resources that when well tapped into, can provide an avenue with which one can comfortably make a living.

Regardless of where an individual is in the world, there exists various types of online platforms which can be used to generate revenue streams. Such include social network sites, blogging sites, bookmarking sites, media sharing sites etc

Likewise in Kenya, one has the ability to make money online using only a smartphone and get paid via Mpesa using the apps listed below.

1. Survey Apps

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Survey apps are apps that reward users for answering questions based on various topics as well as exploring locations and providing info regarding them.

Although most international survey apps prefer making payments via bank transfer or PayPal, there are a few that Kenyans can actually use and withdraw their earnings via Mpesa. Such apps include:

a) Premise

This app can be downloaded from the Playstore and once you sign up using your email or Google account, you can proceed with earning via the app.

Premise offers 3 categories of tasks i.e

Survey tasks: share your knowledge by answering questions based on a variety of topics.
This is the easiest section which usually takes 1-4 minutes with the average payout being around Ksh3 for each completed survey.

Locate tasks: this section requires you to find specific types of places/ locations that meet the requirements and report as you discover by providing information or taking photos.
This section is regarded as intermediate and takes 5-10 minutes with payouts of about Ksh20 for each completed task.

Explore tasks: requires traveling to a specific location and sharing information about it. It involves being given an address to go and describe.These tasks are the hardest requiring 5+ minutes to accomplish but usually offer the highest payouts.

How To Withdraw From Premise app

Withdrawals via Premise can be done either through Airtel money, Safaricom Mpesa or airtime top-up and to do so, you need to click on the ‘Payment’ tab located at the bottom.

This will allow you to view your amount available for cashout. However, to cashout you require a minimum amount of Ksh500.

b) Sagapoll

Download Sagapoll from Playstore and complete your profile to access the surveys.

The surveys usually range from a wide number of topics with each offering different reward points. Most surveys are usually available until the targeted number of respondents is achieved while others have a limited time-frame until they become unavailable.

Another method of accumulating points is through referrals. Give your friends 5 bonus points and get up to 5 bonus points per referral when they use your SagaPoll registration code.

How To Withdraw from Sagapoll

Earned points can be redeemed for cash only if they accumulate up-to 5,000 points which is Ksh2,000

To do so, click on the ‘Payments’ section and tap on ‘Redeem your points’ button upon which the funds will be available in your account within a few days.

2. Loan Apps

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Loan apps are digital credit apps that offer emergency loans via mobile phones. The only eligibility requirements being that applicants must be above 18 years with a national ID as well as possess an active mobile money transfer account such as Mpesa.

Besides being used for loans, certain loan apps can also be used as a source of income through their referral programs.

Such programs usually operate in a way that upon creation of an account with a particular loan app, you will be assigned a referral code that can be used to invite friends.

Once a referee installs the app and registers using said code, you will earn a certain amount of money.

Below are some of the apps that offer cash rewards for referrals.

a) Zenka

Download the Zenka loan app available from the app store or Play Store and complete registration.

Open the app and click on the ‘Referral Program’ menu followed by the ‘Invite More Friends’ tab to share the referral link.

Zenka offers a referral bonus of Ksh10 for each applicant who registers an account using the referral link/code and Ksh200 if the applicant successfully applies and is granted a loan.

How To Withdraw Referral bonus from Zenka App

Click on ‘Manage bonus’ and select ‘Withdraw’ ( Note: this option is only available once you meet the minimum withdrawal amount of Ksh200)

Pick the amount you would like to withdraw and click on ‘Withdraw Money’ to receive the amount in your Mpesa account.

b) Mokash

Download and install the Mokash loan app from the Playstore and create your account.

Although Mokash also has a referral program, it is only useful for earning coupons that will deduct a origination fee of a certain amount whenever you borrow.

For cash rewards, mokash offers a ‘Cash Out’ program that awards points for every successful repayment made before or upon the due date.

How To Withdraw Cash Out bonus from Mokash

Click on the cash out symbol located at the top right corner of the app in-order to view your balance.

You will need to have a minimum balance of Ksh400 so as to withdraw the amount by tapping on the ‘Cashout’ button alongside the amount.

You will then have to wait for the team to review and once approved, the money will be deposited to your Mpesa account.

c) Hikash

Hikash is yet another loan app downloadable from the Playstore that is no different from Mokash that can be used to earn cash rewards.

Besides the similarity in the overall functionality of both apps, the only difference comes about in the redeemable amounts.

To redeem your Cash Out bonus via Hikash, you need to have accumulated a minimum of Ksh250 to withdraw via Mpesa

3. CashBack Apps

Cashback apps reward shoppers by refunding part of their shopping expenses on items bought at selected supermarkets/retailers.

This is done by shoppers scanning the barcode on their receipts in order to withdraw their redeemable amounts.

a) Cashback

Download and install the Cashback app from the Playstore.

Click on ‘Register’ and fill in your full name and mobile phone number in order to receive a 6-digit verification code to enable you to proceed.

How Cashback Works

Shop and pay at any of the selected supermarkets i.e Cleanshelf, Eastmatt, Khetia, Mulleys, Jamaa, Bei Sawa and Uchumi.

Open the app and select the supermarket/retailer where you bought the items.

Confirm that the receipt contains the items you have unlocked.

Scan the barcode on your receipt then take a picture of it.

How To Withdraw From Cashback App To Mpesa

Click on the ‘My Offers’ tab to view your redemption amount.

Click on ‘Account tab’ to view the withdrawable amount. (Note: you need to reach a minimum of Ksh50 in order to be eligible for withdrawal)

Proceed and click on ‘Withdraw’ to receive the funds to your Mpesa account.

Cashback app contact details

Phone: 0743 926 362


b) DohYangu

Download and install the DohYangu app from the playstore.

Enter your mobile phone number and allow the app to automatically detect the verification that is sent via SMS.

Proceed and create an account by filling in your full name, date of birth, your preferred supermarket & branch, gender and pin to be used for all future logins to the app.

How DohYangu Works

Choose the available items on offer in your selected supermarket.

Add the items with your preferred quantity to your DohYangu cart.

View your selected items in the cart.

Scan your receipt’s barcode after paying for your items.

How To withdraw From DohYangu To Mpesa

View your DohYangu redemption amount.

Click on ‘Withdrawals’ to withdraw your redeemed amount.

Enter the amount to withdraw

Enter the Mpesa number to withdraw

Click on ‘Transfer to Mpesa’

Enter your Pin

Confirm your Mpesa number to withdraw.

DohYangu app contacts

Phone: 0704 200 200


c) Risiti

Download and install the Risiti from the Playstore

Enter your phone number to receive a 4-digit verification code via SMS

Enter your first & last names, email, city and date of birth in-order to become a member.

How Risiti App Works

Browse the app for available campaigns that require you to spend a certain amount on a particular product at pre-selected supermarkets.

Read through the campaign terms and rules to understand the conditions required to achieve the risiti points.

Once you have made a purchase as per a selected campaign and received a receipt, scan it via the risiti app and await to be rewarded the risiti points after evaluation by the risiti team.

Risiti coins can then be traded for cash or gift cards.

Risiti app contacts

Phone: 0735 953 587



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