How To Download And Save WhatsApp Status Videos/Images On Android.



As at the time of writing this article, WhatsApp is currently 10years and 9 months old having morphed from a humble creation of 2 Yahoo ex-employees to the behemoth that is now one of the largest instant messaging app with over 1.5 billion active users in over 180 countries.

Like any start-up, the journey has been anything but easy with the app facing numerous challenges ranging from security and privacy concerns,being a conduit for hoaxes and fake news, competition from other similar apps like Snapchat and Telegram as well as mods and fake versions of the app harboring and spreading malware.

Despite these setbacks, WhatsApp continues to garner more users due to their dedicated team of developers who frequently roll-out patch-bearing updates which at times add new features that enhance the user’s experience.

One such update that launched as a commemoration of the app’s 8th birthday, was the status update feature. This feature enabled users to post updates on their whatsapp either in text-form or as photos which would disappear after 24 hours.

The feature was well received by the end users and besides its initial purpose of keeping one’s contact list updated on one’s activities, it has since grown to an avenue of showcasing one’s creativity through posting of memes and funny videos.

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However, contact lists can only admire such creativity for only 24 hours before they vanish without the option of downloading it. Below is a neat little trick on how you can download your friend’s WhatsApp status updates.

1. Ensure you are using the latest version of whatsapp that allows status updates. If you are new to WhatsApp, you can download it via the playstore

2. Ensure you can receive and view your friend’s status updates.

3. Download the ‘All Status Saver for WhatsApp’ from the Google PlayStore and install it.


4. While installing, you will be requested by the app to allow access to your photos,media and files on your device. Click on ‘Allow’ and you will be directed to the app’s homepage below. Click on the ‘Live Status’ to view the status updates of your contacts both as images and videos.


5. To download the images/videos click on the download icon located at the bottom right of each whereby you will receive an in-app pop-up confirming that the save has been successful.


6. In order to view your saved files, return to the initial menu and click on ‘Saved Gallery’.

7. In case you do not want to download, you can just share directly by clicking on the share icon located at the bottom left of each image.


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