How secure are your Passwords?

Passwords are vital necessities in our daily life and should be put right next to basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. At some point in our lives we are bound to encounter areas whereby validation of some sort is required and the only way to do so will be to possess a password.

It may be true to say that passwords relate to 50% of our day to life, be it emails, social networks, online payment services, exclusive social clubs, phone security, computer security and the list goes on and on.

However, like most technology, passwords MAY not be 100% effective at providing security. These fact is clearly known to hackers who may try to get their hands on important information so as to impersonate an individual.

Below is an infograph regarding passwords stating various ways how hackers can obtain your data, how you can prevent them and other possible alternatives to passwords. Enjoy:)

Once again mad props to BackgroundCheck.Org for the providing infograph below.


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