How To Check NHIF Penalties Online In 2023


How To Check NHIF Penalties Online Via NHiF Portal

  • Go to NHiF Portal
  • Click on ‘NHIF Selfcare’
  • Enter your ID number
  • Input the 4-digit code sent via SMS
  • Click on the left menu and select ‘Status’ to display details regarding dependents, penalties and arrears.

How To Check NHIF Penalties Online Via NHiF App

  • Download and install the NHiF app available from the Playstore.
  • Click on ‘Other Services’
  • Input your ID number and request OTP
  • Enter the code and login to access your dashboard
  • Click on ‘Payments and Status’
  • Select ‘Query Status’
  • Choose whether to check status for self or other
  • A summary detailing arrears, penalties and total due will be displayed.
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