How To Retrieve And Reprint KRA PIN Certificate In 2023

KRA PINA KRA PIN is a Personal Identification Number issued by the Kenya Revenue Authority that enables them track the fulfillment of tax obligations by either individuals or companies.

The KRA PIN is widely used during registration of business names and companies, application for VAT, motor vehicle registration, importation, clearing and forwarding, underwriting policies by insurance companies and trade licensing.

Additional uses include business permit applications, land rent payments, registration of title deeds, approval of building plans as well as the supply of goods and services to government institutions.

In each of the above and many more scenarios, a KRA PIN certificate is required as a verification document.

Unfortunately, there are instances whereby one is not in possession of a copy of the certificate due to one reason or the other.

In this case, one may opt to retrieve it via the email address used during the application process since a copy of the certificate is usually sent through this channel.

However, this method may not be ideal especially if one has no access to the email account.

A much easier and effective method to retrieve a KRA PIN certificate is to simply reprint it via the itax portal.

To do this, follow the below steps.

  • Login to your itax portal
  • Click on ‘Registration’
  • Select ‘Reprint Certificate’
  • Select ‘Tax Payer’ as the applicant type
  • Input your taxpayer PIN
  • Input your taxpayer name

Download the certificate using the link generated.KRA PIN REPRINT DOWNLOAD

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