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How To Apply For Kyeop Online In 2023 - Konvigilante

How To Apply For Kyeop Online In 2023

Cycle 8 – 2022 application link is now LIVE!

Application Deadline has been extended to 10th June 2022


Follow the below procedure in-order to apply for the Kyeop program online.

  1. Navigate to the KYEOP CYCLE 8 APPLICATION LINK 2022
  2. On this page, click on ‘Support to start, run or expand your business’ tab.
  3. On the next page, you will be required to select your preferred ‘County of intake’ among the list provided
  4. Once this is done, you are then required to select your preferred ‘Sub-county of intake’ within the previously chosen county.
  5. Onward, the registration process will be conducted in sections
  • In section 1, you are required to fill in your personal information such as: first/middle/surname, gender/sex, date of birth, National ID number, county/sub-county/ward of residence, marital status, availability of children under 4 years and disability check.
section 1 kyeop
  • In section 2, you are required to fill in your contact details such as: location/sub-location/village/estate/landmark, email address, mobile number and alternative contact person.
section 2 kyeop
  • In section 3, you are required to fill in your occupation status such as: education level, employment status, whether you have any business aspirations and your availability for training in the next 8 months.
section 3 kyeop
  • In section 4, you are required to fill in your education and skills background such as your highest education level as well as your ability to read and write.
section 4 kyeop
  • In section 6, you are required to confirm the accuracy of the information provided in all the above sections as well as accept the outcome of the decisions that shall be made in regards to your application. Once you are satisfied with the above, check the ‘Agree’ checkbox and click on ‘Confirm Application’
section 6 kyeop

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  1. Very nice interesdted in joining

  2. Am mercellin willing to join Kyeop

  3. I want to join kyeop

  4. Interested in joining, kindly help

  5. I Orpah Chege i would like to get support from you, I have found kyope doing well and I would like to be among the beneficiaries .
    Kindly consider my request am just a form 4 leaver aged 22 years old.

  6. Am proud of kyeop

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