How To Change Names On Birth Certificate In Kenya [2021]

The naming of a child is one of the most important occasions after childbirth and it will live to become the child’s identity up-to adulthood. Therefore, careful choice of a name is crucial to avoid any future amendments.

However, in the event that name change of the child is inevitable after childbirth, you need to ensure that this is done when the child is below two years.

Any changes to a child’s name who is above the age of two years is restricted to correction of spelling mistakes or addition of an extra name.

With the above in mind, below is the process on how to change your child’s name on birth certificate in Kenya.

Login to your e-citizen portal account 

Click on ‘Get Service’ under the Civil Registration Service and make an application. Select ‘Birth Certificate’ followed by ‘Application For Child Current Birth Certificate’

Choose the application type whether it is a new/replacement birth certificate application and if the child’s birth occurred in a health facility or not.

The third question covers the entire basis of this article and enquires about the possibility of amending your child’s name. Selecting ‘YES’ will bring up additional fields requiring you to input the child’s first, middle & surname as they appear on the birth notification as well as the amended names to be used on the new/replaced birth certificate.

Once this is done, proceed with the rest of the birth certificate application process.

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