What Is Kyeop And How Does It Work?

How To Apply For Kyeop

KYEOP ( Kenya Youth Employment & Opportunities Project ) is a national project designed to equip young people between the ages of 18 to 29 with various skills through training.

These trainings focus on life skills, business as well as internship opportunities or work experience that will help them live better lives.

Requirements To Join Kyeop

To become eligible for the Kyeop project, one needs to attain certain requirements in-order to proceed with application. Such conditions include:

  • Must be Kenyan
  • Must be between the age of 18-29 years
  • Possess a National ID
  • Should be currently unemployed
  • Should have the highest qualification level as Form 4 or below

How Kyeop Works

Kyeop operates in 3 training phases comprising of 6 cycles each. These stages include:

  1. Life Skills Training (LST) – Available from Cycle 1-6

This phase usually takes around two weeks and is intended to equip trainees with adaptive and positive behavior that will enable them deal effectively with the demands and challenges of daily lives.

2. Core Business Skills Training (CBST) – Available from Cycle 1-6

This phase usually takes around two weeks and is intended to equip youth beneficiaries with entrepreneurial insight, financial foresight and management skills required to start and expand a business successfully.

3. Job Specific Skills Training (JSST) – Available from Cycle 1-6

This phase usually is further sub-divided into 2 stages i.e

  • Formal Training Provider: This training is further sub-divided into two which include:
    • Classroom training ( 2 months ) – this allows the trainee learn about the sector.
    • Internship in a firm ( 3 months ) – this allows the trainee to apply the classroom training in a practical environment.
  • Master craftsman apprenticeship: This training is dependent on one’s trade of choice and takes 5 months to complete.

In each of the classes under JSST, trainees will be equipped with with various skills as shown below.

Areas Of Formal Technical TrainingAreas Of Master Craftsman Training
CateringAgro processing
Fashion designChemical production
Bee keepingCobbler
Hair dressingWelding & metal fabrication
Solar PV technologyMotor vehicle mechanics
WeldingEvent planning
Beauty therapyPlumbing
Mechanical operationsBead making
Oil pipeline operationsHair dressing
Electrical installationFashion & design
Painting & decorationWeaving
BakingCleaning services
Plant operationsLandscaping
Motor vehicle mechanics & electricalLeather work
Cycle repair
Bio sand production

Upon successful completion of JSST, trainees will be able to:

  • Apply for a trade test at NITA and get certified
  • Apply for KYEOP business support and start own business
  • Possess the necessary skills, experience and certification required for employment

How To Apply And Join Kyeop

Application for Kyeop can be done online

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