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Detect Fake Kenyan Currency

We should admit it, at some point in our lives we have handled counterfeit money whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Being in possession of counterfeit money be it in local or foreign currency is a major offence in Kenya which may land you in prison for not less than 5 years.

So in-order to be on the safe zone, keen hawk-eye measures should be adopted when handling money to determine whether it is genuine or fake currency.

How do you detect if money is real or not? u may ask, well……. here are pointers in detecting fake from genuine money.

  1.  Lion Watermark – visible when held up to a source of light, it contains a 3 dimensional lion’s head with a numerical value of the banknote underneath it.
  2.  Serial Numbers – These are numbers positioned vertically( left side) and horizontally(right side) of the banknote. The vertical numbers glow under UV light.
  3.  See Through Feature – an image of a complete elephant can be seen on the left side when held up to the light.
  4.  Security Thread
  • thick thread with color shifts when viewed at angles (shs500 and shs1000)
  • thin silver thread with NO color shifts when viewed at angles (shs50, shs100 and shs200)

For illustrations and further ‘ujanja’ in detecting counterfeit, you can head over to the Kenya Central Bank website