How To Find/Get A Lawyer In Kenya [2022]


The study of law is considered as one of the most prestigious professions that offers great return on investment owing to its lucrative salaries as well as prestige status.

However, in-order to be regarded as a lawyer, one needs to have undergone extensive educational training and testing before being granted a license to pursue their various areas of practice.

Since the Kenyan law does not permit lawyers to advertise their services, it can be difficult sometimes to know who to hire.

Nevertheless, this should not be a problem anymore as it is now easy to search the credentials of various Kenyan advocates online.

To begin your search, click on the link

There are basically 2 search options available to choose from i.e basic search and advanced search.

The basic search option can mostly be used when you have a specific advocate in mind and need to search his/her credentials.

Successful results will show the advocate’s practicing status, practice number, workplace and categories of practice and percentage scores in each.

For example, let us search one of the most popular criminal lawyers i.e Cliff Ombeta. The results are as shown below.




1. Type of advocate

  • Associate lawyer- is a lawyer and an employee of a law firm who does not hold an ownership interest as a partner.
  • In house lawyer- they play a managerial role, overseeing work that’s been outsourced to attorneys at independent firms.
  • Non law-based lawyer- does not offer legal advise but can recite legal information.
  • Partner lawyer- lawyer with partial ownership of a law firm.
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2. Practicing Status

  • Active- lawyer is certified to practice for the indicated year.
  • Deceased- lawyer is dead.
  • Inactive- lawyer has not been certified to practice for the current year.
  • Struck off- lawyer is PERMANENTLY not permitted to practice law.
  • Suspended- lawyer is TEMPORARILY not permitted to practice law.

3. Specific Office


4. Area of practice



  • Address : P.O Box 72219-00200 Nairobi, Lavington, Opposite Valley Arcade, Gitanga Road
  • Tel 1: +254-208-155-295
  • Tel 2: +254-720-904-983
  • Tel 3: +254-704-442-154
  • Tel 4: +254-704-442-166
  • Email:


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