Loan Apps That Can Be Used To Buy KPLC Tokens

loan apps that can be used to buy kplc tokens

Electricity has become a necessity that almost all households have access to and utilize it in their daily lives.

Despite the monopoly status enjoyed by the sole electricity distributor which is KPLC, it is not the only channel with which KPLC tokens can be bought.

Below, we look at some of the loan apps that can be used to purchase electricity tokens.


Saida loan app is provided by Greenshoe Capital INC. Besides its main loan option, the Saida loan app can also be used to buy KPLC Tokens.

This option is available under the Popular bills section.

saida loan app buy kplc tokens feature


Mkey is an app provided by Finserve Africa. The Mkey app originally offered loans but the loan option has since been discontinued.

However, the feature to purchase KPLC Tokens is still available. It can be accessed via the Paybill option, then type KPLC to get the prepaid paybill number.


PesaPro ltd is the originator of the PesaZone app that provides loans as well as additional features like buy KPLC token.

Despite the availability of the feature, the purchase tokens service is currently unavailable.

pesazone loan app buy kplc token feature


Bayes app is offered by Pi Capital ltd as a loan app. It also contains additional in-app features like the purchase of KPLC tokens.

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This feature is available under the ‘Pay Utility Bills’ option.

bayes loan app buy kplc tokens feature


To purchase KPLC token, select the ‘Pay Bills’ tab followed by ‘Kenya Power’ as the biller.


NCBA loop is an app created by NCBA bank. It is considered a digital bank that can be used to receive salaries, make payments, send money, purchase goods, pay bills as well as access loans.

Another feature of the NCBA loop app is the ability to buy KPLC tokens through the ‘Payments’ section via the ‘Pay Bills’ tab.

ncba loop buy kplc token

The fees charged for KPLC charges for each prepaid and postpaid is Ksh48


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