How To Buy Jumia Lipa Mdogo Mdogo Phones On Loan [2023]


Lipa Mdogo Mdogo is a Kenyan payment method popularized by Safaricom that facilitates small incremental payments for smartphones over time, especially for people unable to make full upfront payments due to financial constraints.

Despite Safaricom rightful claim to the name, the term Jumia Lipa Mdogo Mdogo phones continues to be adopted by shoppers in other platforms offering phones on loan such as Jumia Kenya.

By simple comparison, Jumia can be regarded as Africa’s Amazon owing to its wide variety of product options, secure payment options as well as reliable delivery services.

In addition, Jumia Kenya’s growth in popularity can also be attributed to its diverse product selection at competitive prices thereby making it an appealing option for acquiring Lipa Mdogo Mdogo phones on loan at Jumia.

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Benefits Of Jumia Lipa Mdogo Mdogo Phones

Improved Affordability: this refers to the ability to spread out payments over a period of time.

Financial flexibility: allows allocation of funds in regards to prioritization of needs.

Budgeting & Planning: facilitates financial management through elimination of unexpected financial burdens.

Interest free: allows for the overall cost reduction of a purchase thus making it less expensive in the long run.

Builds credit score: consistent timely payments leads to better future financing options such as interest rates etc

How Jumia Lipa Mdogo Mdogo Works

Before you can use the Jumia Lipa Mdogo Mdogo phone payment option, you are required to meet the below criteria which include;

1. Possess an account on Jumia
2. Make Jumia purchases of amounts not less than Ksh10,000

Once enrolled into the programme, you are required to make timely installments as per the installment plan.

Also, the Jumia Lipa Mdogo Mdogo phones option does not allow the option for refinancing unless full payment has been made.

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How To Register With Jumia Kenya

To begin shopping via Jumia, you are required to first create an account on the platform and to do so, follow the below procedure.

Navigate to the Jumia Kenya website

Click on the drop down menu under ‘My Account’ located at the top right of the webpage

Click on ‘Sign In’ button to be directed to the login/account creation page

On this page, you have the option to create an account using your email address, phone number or facebook account

(a) If you choose to create your account using mobile number, proceed and input the phone number and click ‘continue’
(b) On the next screen, generate and confirm your password, then click on ‘continue’
(c) Enter your personal details i.e first/last name and email address, click ‘continue’
(d) Enter your gender and birth date in the format dd/mm/yy
(e) Select the checkbox to consent to Jumia Kenya terms and conditions then click ‘continue’
(f) Verification code will then be sent to your mobile phone, enter this code then click on ‘enter’
(g) Voila! Your Jumia account creation process is complete.

How To Shop For Jumia Lipa Mdogo Mdogo Phones

Upon creation of your Jumia account, you can now start shopping for Jumia Lipa Mdogo Mdogo phones by either utilizing the product categories or simply typing in your preferred phone model.

On the left of the homepage, proceed and hover your mouse above the ‘Phones & Tablet’ selection to display its various contents.

For this article, we will select the ‘smartphones’ category.

Under this option, you will find images of phones that can be filtered in terms of operating system, brands, prices, rating etc

Smartphones category 1Tap on your preferred phone then click on ‘Add To Cart’

smartphone category2You will then receive a notification that your product has been successfully added to cart.

Click on the cart button located at the top right of the webpage in-order to display its contents.

smartphone category4 1Click on the ‘Check out’ button

The next page will display your delivery details such as physical address, mode of delivery (pickup/door delivery) and payment details.

How To Pay For Jumia Lipa Mdogo Mdogo Phones

To pay for the phone via installments in Jumia, you will need to change the payment method and to do this, click on the ‘Change’ link located under the Payment method section.

smartphone category6 1Select the installment option, tap ‘Confirm payment method’ then click ‘Confirm order’ to complete the process.


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