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How To Fix Various KPLC CIU Errors [2023] - Konvigilante

How To Fix Various KPLC CIU Errors [2023]

Technology is a part of life that is constantly developing and improving with time. From communication gadgets like the mobile phones to transportation machines such as cars and buses, day-to-day activities have been simplified.

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Likewise, various sectors have also adopted automation in a bid to improve on service delivery.

One such sector in Kenya is the electric power sector which is primarily dominated by Kenya Power & Lighting Company ( KPLC ) as the sole distributor of electricity nation-wide.

In 2013 as the demand for electricity grew, KPLC decided to introduce prepaid metering systems in-order to improve customer satisfaction.

While this decision was aimed at achieving efficiency, a few bottlenecks have since emerged in relation to the prepaid service with the most common one being token delays.

Other challenges faced are hardware-related issues resulting in errors experienced across the CIU meters.

Below are some of these CIU errors and how to fix them.

How To Fix KPLC Tokens Not Loading


Tokens not loading is a very common scenario for majority of CIUs. If you try to load your tokens and encounter no response, you must first ensure that;
  • Your meter is ON
  • Your account is VALID
  • You have sufficient token balance
  • Your CIU is connected to the same phase.
  • Your CIU has batteries and is connected to a powered socket.
  • The main switch is functional.
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Additionally, you can also check your circuit breakers (Change the batteries in the meter with new ones then connect the meter to the wall socket in your house, ensure the batteries are in place and the socket is switched on.

Once done, proceed and enter the token number and press the enter button 

How To Fix KPLC CIU Plc Error


Ensure that you plug in your CIU before the meter and load the tok..Click to read more

How To Fix KPLC CIU Connection Failed Error


Solution 1: Ensure that the meter (CIU) is plugged in the socket and the socket is switched on. Please note that the socket should be powered. This may involve plugging it in your immediate neighbor’s sock…. Click to read more

Solution 2: Unplug the CIU and try connecting it at a neighbor who is closest to the meter box.

How To Fix KPLC CIU Connect Error


Solution 1: Ensure you plug in your meter to the socket (not extension). If this fails, look for RECHARGEABLE batteries, plug in to the socket.

Solution 2: Ensure that the CIU cable is not faulty by using another CIU cable then plug it back to the socket.

Solution 3: Try and reset the CIU using the default reset codes ‘59698686+meter number’ OK followed by the digits ‘12754194144864505970’. This action will display the remaining token units or 0.00 units


How To Fix ByPass Error Code


Proper wiring is required by:

Solution 1: Ensuring that the neutral wire is not sharing with any other meter.

Solution 2: Ensure that there is no bonding of the neutral wire with earthing.

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