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List Of Loan Apps That Force Repayment Before Due Dates [2022] - Konvigilante

List Of Loan Apps That Force Repayment Before Due Dates [2022]

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Currently, there is a list of over 90+ options of digital lenders to choose from if ever one is in need of emergency mobile credit available either via apps or Ussd code.

Despite the huge and ever increasing number, one common factor unites them all and that is the lack of formal documentation during the loan application process.

Besides the usual submission of personal information like national ID number, phone number, email address, income information, emergency contacts etc one does not need a guarantor or have to visit any physical office before being granted a loan.

Consequently, it is the very ease of loan accessibility that has landed many borrowers into traps of revolving debt which involves borrowing from one lender in order to repay another so as to avoid debt shaming or blacklisting by CRB.

Although the issue of increasing mobile loan default has been attributed to high interest rates and low repayment duration, a section of lenders tend to worsen the situation by demanding repayment before the actual due dates indicated on their respective apps.

Below, we will look at some of these lenders who force repayment before due dates.


Sapesa is a product from Zidello enterprises that offers loans for a period of 14 days. However, by the 13th day, the lender will demand repayment through constant calls and sms.

Repayment for Sapesa loans can be done either via the Sapesa loan app or paybill 4040017


CreditMoja is provided by CreditMoja Ltd for loans offered for a duration of either 14 or 21 days.

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However, before the elapse of the said periods i.e day 13th and 20th respectively, the lender will begin repayment reminders through endless calls and sms.

Repayment for CreditMoja loans is possible through the CreditMoja app.


CashNow is operated by Payloan Investments whose loans are to be repaid within periods of either 7 or 14 days depending on the principal amount.

However, one day to the due date will have the lender sending numerous texts and calls for repayment to be effected.

CashNow loans can be repaid via the app or through Paybill 942312


KashWay is a product of Wakanda Credit that offers loans for either 14 or 21 days depending on the loan amount applied for.

Regardless, the lender will demand repayment by date 13 and 20 before the due dates.

Repayment for Kashway loans can be done either via the KashWay app or paybill 900068

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