Try This Latest Trick on How To Easily Change M-Pesa PIN If Forgotten [2022]

How to change M Pesa Pin

The M-Pesa platform is hands down the most widely used form of money transfer service both in Kenya and worldwide.

Due to this popularity, M-Pesa has generated massive profits for its parent company Safaricom through the high transaction values realized since its inception.

Furthermore, the steady increase in its subscriber base has led it to be the most dominant network provider nationwide.

Despite such success, M-Pesa users occasionally suffer setbacks such as routine maintenance that lead to suspension of the service for certain periods, theft of funds through identity theft or forgotten M-Pesa PINs.

In this article, we will focus on the latter and provide an option of how to change M-Pesa PIN if forgotten.

  • Dial *334# from Safaricom enabled sim card.
  • Select option 7: ‘My Account’
  • Select option 4: ‘M-Pesa PIN manager’
  • Select option 1: ‘M-Pesa forgot PIN’
  • Enter your ID/Passport number
  • Enter your M-Pesa balance
  • Enter your fuliza limit

You will receive a screen notification stating that your PIN has been successfully reset as well as an SMS containing your M-Pesa start PIN.

Navigate to your Sim Toolkit and click on M-Pesa menu

  • Click ‘My Account’
  • Click ‘Change PIN’
  • Enter your start PIN as the old PIN
  • Enter and confirm your preferred new PIN

You will receive an SMS notification confirming that your M-Pesa PIN has been successfully modified

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