Okash & Opesa Introduce Membership Levels To Reward Loyal Borrowers

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In a bid to enhance mutual growth as well as reward loyal customers, the digital lender’s Okash and Opesa have introduced a loyalty reward programme dubbed ‘Advantage Plus’

The program’s main focus is to reward borrowers who consistently make timely loan repayments, have a positive credit score and apply for loans frequently with increased loan limits as well as lower service fee.

Advantage Plus entails a two-tier system whereby there are 15 levels.

  • Level 1-6 are referred to as standard members whereby their maximum loan limit is Ksh50,000 with a service fee of between 22-25%
  • Level 7-15 are referred to as super members whereby their maximum loan limit is Ksh90,000 with a service fee of 12-16%

It is noticeable that as a borrower levels up, the loan amount increases as the service fee decreases.

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