MCoop Cash And Ussd Not Working? Try The New Co-op Online Service

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MCo-op cash is a mobile product of Co-operative bank which can be used to check account balance, withdraw cash to Mpesa/Airtel, buy airtime, make bank transfers, get mobile loans and many other features.

Similarly, the same functions are replicated via the bank’s ussd codes *667# or *226#

However, there are occasions when both services cannot be accessed due to maintenance or network issues thereby leading to numerous inconveniences to their users.

Next time you encounter downtime while using MCo-op cash app or its ussd, do not worry! Try the new Co-op online service highlighted below.

Click on the link to navigate to the Co-op online website and select the Personal internet banking tab.

Click on Register located at the top right to commence the registration process whereby you will be required to provide your personal details such as;

  • Names ( first, middle & last )
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • National ID/ Passport/Alien ID/Service ID number
  • Country of residence

You will then be required to confirm the accuracy of the details as well as accept the terms and conditions.

Once the above is done, click on Submit to proceed.

In the subsequent screen, you will be required to validate yourself with any of your Co-op ATM cards which will be done by providing your card number, card PIN and card expiry date.

After submission of the above, you will receive a 6-digit confirmation code via SMS as well as email that you will be required to input so as to proceed.

On the next screen, you are required to create your username as well as password while adhering to the set password parameters.

Once this is done, you will then be required to create a secure image and phrase to verify that you are visiting the correct site.

Additional security features require you to choose and answer 3 questions.

Once successful, you will receive a verification email stating that your profile has been created on the online platform and therefore requires you to activate your profile within 5 days.

Upon clicking on the activation link from the email, you will receive a confirmation message as below.

Click on the login button and proceed to sign in with your username and password.

A successful login will direct you to your homepage as shown below.

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