Here’s Why MCoop Cash Will Usually Not Work At Night

MCoop Cash users more often than not have experienced multiple errors while trying to make transactions during the night.

Such errors are usually encountered across the various MCoop Cash platforms including the MCoop Cash app as well as the USSD Code *667#

One common scenario is the ‘No card record’ error message that occurs frequently during the night.

If you run into this error message, especially if the MCoop Cash service has been functioning flawlessly during the day, you need not worry.

It seems that this is a regular occurrence that even Co-op bank staff seem to be aware of and actually endorse it.

This conclusion was drawn from a reply made by a Co-operative bank employee when asked about the error by a user.

The response made was that the MCoop Cash service uses the card system to operate at night. Hence, if one does not have an active debit card for the account, the transaction will not be effected.

MCoop Cash is a mobile banking service provided by Cooperative bank.

Besides transaction services, MCoop Cash also offers salary advance loans for durations of between 1-3 months.

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  1. my coopcash appliace is not functioning if i enter my pin not responding

  2. my mcopcash is not functioning. what should igo?

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