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Saida Loan Penalties For Late Repayments - Konvigilante

Saida Loan Penalties For Late Repayments

saida late loan repayment

Saida loan app is offered by GreenShoe Capital Inc. The mobile loan app is available on the Google Playstore and is accessible to all Kenyans.

It has over 500K+ downloads as well as a 3.8/5 star rating with 9.6K+ reviews.

Saida offers a minimum loan amount of Ksh 600 and a maximum amount of Ksh 25,000 with each loan increment being dependent on a variety of factors including Saida repayment history.

The interest rates range between 7.5% to 10% for loans upto 30 days.

Failure to repay the loan upon due date will attract late penalty fees as stated in Saida’s Terms and Conditions.

saida late loan repayment



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