important notice

There have been numerous complaints about certificates of good conduct taking longer than usual ( 2 weeks ) to be sent via email. If you are a victim, kindly make time and go directly to CID headquarters and make your claim. Please you shall be assisted much faster as their systems may be overloaded with requests. Thank you!



1. Log in to ecitizen portal

2. Upon successful login, you will be taken to the ecitizen dashboard whereby you will be required to click on any of the agencies listed below to access the respective services.

To apply for the police clearance certificate, click on the link Directorate of Criminal Investigations


3. On the next page, click on the make application tab.


4. On the next tab, you have 2 options to choose between adult application or child application


5. On the next page, proceed to the Apply Now tab.


6. On the next, you will be required to fill in the details regarding where you would like to have your fingerprints taken and the date.


7. After filling in the details, you will be required to submit them


8. On the next screen, you will be required to make payment of ksh1050 via your preferred method


9. Once payment is completed, download and print the fingerprint forms as well as the invoice. These documents will be required at the venue that you chose earlier for fingerprint process.