With the demand for credit among Kenyans, mostly whom are unemployed or facing financial constraints and need a quick solution without the need of security ( logbooks, title deeds etc ) associated with conventional credit facilites like banks, majority opt for mobile lenders.

Such demand has led to the upsurge of mobile money lenders who are ready to fulfil the market needs albeit at the consumer’s exploitation through high interest rates coupled with low repayment durations.

While such lenders aim to serve the same purpose of availing quick credit, their differences lie within their mode of operation. For example, some may require financial statements before disbursing loans while a fraction may prefer more personal details like tax pin.

Below, we look at some who require payment of registration fees before they can offer loans.

Provider Amount (Ksh) Paybill Fee purpose
Coinqash Compwiz 100 Facilitation
Craft App admin 250 352032 Registration
Dayo Dayo 250 756958 Registration
Dolax Dolax 250 442566 Registration
Ezap Ezap Mobile 250 155276 Registration
Fadhili Fadhili Mobile 350 Annual subscription
GSort GSort Mobile 300 987120 Registration
HelaFast App Admin 250
Jazika App Admin 250 687035 Registration
Jitegemee Primstr Capital 300 287906 Registration
Kano Kano Ventures 250 458372 Registration
Kava Kava 10 Identity check
Kua App Admin 250 780785 Registration
Kwamua Afrisoft Group 300 597746 Registration
MoKash App Admin 300 155221 Registration
Nguzo App Admin 250 632263 Registration
Okoa Mia OkoaMia Ventures 5-45 519608 Acceptance
Opalquick Opalquick 100 Registration
PesaZone Pesa Pro Ltd 1 Verification
Sefu Sefu 300 Registration
Tadao Tadao 300 118110 Registration
Ulezi App Admin 300 476931 Registration
Upazi Upazi Ventures 250 256767 Registration
Usawa Usawa 400 Registration
Utajiri Utajiri Mobile 250 Registration
Utunzi Utunzi loans 400 800950 Registration & CRB
Zidisha Zidisha Inc 1000 Membership