It goes without refute of a proverbial quote that states, “The end justifies the means”. A rather straightforward statement that exhibits alot of depth and deception all in a bid to legitimize acts of social deviance that create a short-cut path to success without the usual hardwork and patience.

This mere statement carries with it a shit-load of karma that can all be attested by those who at one time uttered it inorder to justify a particular sinful act prior or after committance

Such acts may range from typical thievery like robbing ones way to “millionaire-status” to downright ridiculous like selling one’s own kidney to purchase an ipad

It may come out as some sort of desperate last resort in most circumstances but in some, it may just be because of pure greed and laziness.

a+On the subject of laziness, most students can agree with me that procrastination is the leading cause of bad grades next to puberty issues and ‘swag’ syndrome.

Personally, i have been a victim of all 3 at one time but likewise, the end justified the means 🙂 I managed to somehow make it through. My shortcut path to success however differed from others’ in that I neither used money nor my body but the achievements I managed to accrue still baffle me to this day.

While I was still a high schooler up until now, I used to be skeptic of students sleeping with their teachers in return for better grades as a reality until recently that I read THIS and my eyes opened up.

I decided to Google more on this topic and I found THIS, THAT and no longer was it a local issue but an international one as well. Even though some were allegedly propaganda, others were just straight intentional

It is true that we live in a competitive world and one must implement mechanisms in order to survive but the thought of selling your body is just plain wrong. The repercussions may involve Contracting HIV , Suicide or just plain incompetence when you finally land that dream job.

So please think twice before you decide to part with your dignity in exchange for grades. Remember, God did not make us equal, we are unique in our very own way. If classwork is not your stronghold, then try something else that befits your talent and you will have no regrets in future.

absolutely no regrtes

If you have any experience regarding sex-for-marks scandals in your country, please feel free to share.