A dispute over a 60-acre property between two businesswomen and a firm associated with the PCEA Church deepened Thursday with claims that they were duped into parting with millions of shillings.

Ms Alice Wangui and Ms Agnes Wambui testified that a church minister convinced them to pay more than Sh90 million to Milele Ventures Ltd for the land situated in Ruiru, Kiambu County, but had not received the title deed three years after completing the payment.

“We were convinced and had all the confidence the arrangements were being facilitated by the church to help its members. That is why we agreed to pay the amount to Milele Ventures but they have refused to honour their part of the bargain,” said Ms Wangui.

Ms Wambui told the court that one of the pastors announced at PCEA’s South C church in Nairobi in early 2009 that they were arranging with Milele Ventures to help members acquire land.
She then approached Ms Wangui and together they agreed to buy 60 acres.

“Before entering the agreement, I was taken to the farm by Rev Mwarango who then took us to Milele Ventures to agree on the terms of purchase. We agreed that I pay for 50 acres while Wangui pays for 10 acres,” said Wambui.

She testified that they settled on a price of Sh1.5 million per acre, translating into Sh75 million which she completed paying in May 2010.

During the transaction, Ms Wambui said the pastor (Rev Mwarango) did not present himself as an agent of the church but a director of the company and that is why she agreed to pay the full amount believing it was a church affair.

According to the businesswomen, they were shown the original title deed which allegedly belonged to former Kiambaa MP Stanley Githunguri and that at one point they were instructed to pay some amount directly into Mr Githunguri’s account

Direct transaction

“We were told that Milele Ventures bought the land from Mr Githunguri and since he was putting pressure to be paid the full amount and was once instructed to do a direct transaction of Sh10 million to his account as part of my payment,” said Ms Wambui.

She added that after paying her share of Sh75 million, the company refused to release the title and completion documents.

Ms Wangui said she was offered 10 acres at Sh15 million which she completed paying in March 2010 but has not been given the completion documents.

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