Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has suspended another member of its National Executive
Committee (NEC).

Tom Alila, who was elected as the FKF NEC member for Nyanza Province has been left out to hung and dry over alleged financial impropriety.

The official was sent home during a meeting of the FKF executive committee just days after he had been asked to account for various monies he handled while chairing the finance committee of the federation.

In a statement, FKF chairman Sam Nyamweya said the action was taken so as to allow further independent investigations into the allegations.

“We need to keep the image of the game clean and we warn other football administrators to maintain integrity while dealing with football matters and will not spare any official who brings the game into disrepute,” said Nyamweya.

The FKF boss further said the suspension will be forwarded to the federation’s disciplinary committee for further action. In the meantime, the official will not be allowed to be involved in any football activity while under suspension.

Alila becomes the third high profile FKF official to be suspended since vice-chairman Sammy Sholei and FKF Nairobi branch chairman Dan Shikanda were sent packing last July.

Alila, in his defence, however, said the suspension was not in order. He claimed that the meeting, which arrived at the decision to kick him out of the federation was not properly convened.

“Some members of the committee were not available and furthermore I have not even received the said suspension letter. As far as I’m concerned it is just a rumour,” he said.

Nyamweya has since called on Nyanza football stakeholders to select another candidate to replace Alila on interim basis until the matter is fully settled.