How to register an NGO in Kenya



1. Name Reservation

  • Filling of FORM 2 and payment of Kshs.1000/- being processing fee.

  • Submission of Form to the Registry for conducting the search.

  • Conducting of search and recommendation for reservation by the Registry.

  • Submission of reserved name to the Programmes Manager for approval.

2. Registration Process


  • A letter addressed to the Executive Director requesting for registration.

  • Duly filled FORM 3 (three copies) in original Forms.

  • Duly filled Addendum to Form 3(two copies) providing specific information on their physical address and contact details.

  • Duly filled FORM 1 (one copy stating organization’s contact person).

  • Two (2) recent colored passport sized photographs of top three (3) officials with the names of the official and organization written at the back.

  • Photocopy of ID card/passports for the three (3) top officials.

  • Copy of Name Reservation FORM 2 duly approved and paid for.

  • Three (3) Copies of the proposed NGOs Constitution-signed by three top officials and one official on all the pages. A sample of constitution format can be viewed HERE

  • A Copy of minutes authorizing the filing of applications. The minutes should specifically resolve to register as an NGO.

  • Processing fees of (KES 16,000) for NGOs that are national in scope and (KES 30,000) for NGOs that are international in scope. In instances where the applicants have downloaded application forms from the NGOB website, they will be required to pay the requisite fee of Kenya Shillings Two Hundred (KES 200). Where a name reservation has not been paid for, the fee of KES 1000 will be applicable.

  • Proposed one-year budget of the applicant organization.

  • All applications shall be typed or filled in block letters.

  • All signatures must be in original form. Scanned and/photocopied signatures will not be accepted.

Source: NGOs Co-ordination Board

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  1. why is name search taking longer than the stipulated time of 3 days?

  2. Hello, thank you for the article, it’s really informative. I would like to register a foundation, how’s it different from an NGO/CBO and how do I go about it? Thanks.

  3. need someone who can help me with more information plz call on 0743082197 i will pay

  4. Anthony, I am a universty student yet to become a graduate .. I have my 2 friends , and we wanted to start and register an NGO .. First of all I want to thank you for these guidelines .. Can I please find someone to guide me further on these please

  5. is it possible that there are other charges and fees to come up along the registration process? i am starting the registration process now…

  6. Thanks for the way you are replying to every question. When registering, can one pay in installments?

  7. Hello am Joyce just started an orphanage to help the needy and orphans please help how do I get donors and well wishers to help with materials like clothing, food and money

  8. Hello there. I am John working as a finance officer in a Radio project of a Catholic church. Incomes comes from the church subsidies and radio revenues, and we pay salaries and benefits to our employees. My question is, do we have to prepare our own MOU, AOA and audited financial statements and also register as an NGO? Please help. Thanks in advance.

  9. I am intending to register an NGO in the same line.Partner with me.I have donors already.I have reserved the name.

  10. I registered a CBO in Uganda.I am now intending to register an NGO in Kenya.This NGO upon registration in kenya will also be registered in Central American countries.We shall cover health, education, food aid, social economic security.I am looking for like-minded individuals who will join me to register…next month i will visiting central America to launch projects for kenya and uganda.At the moment i am in Bungoma.You can reach me on 0722669137

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