DISCLAIMER: These are REAL incidents that have happened to people. We choose to place you as the main character so as to show you how easy it is to fall prey to such circumstances. Remember ROLES CHANGE, SKILLS EVOLVE but SCRIPT remains the SAME. So IGNORANCE of the probability of such occurrences ever happening to you is entirely at your own DISCRETION!!!


You are happily retreating from an ATM machine after managing to withdraw some ridiculous amount of cash. You cover some decent distance when suddenly a civilian car pulls up beside you. 3 occupants exit the vehicle and head straight for you.

Without as much as uttering a single word, one of them grabs you by your arm and forcefully pulls you towards their vehicle. Dazed between the elements of surprise and fear, you reluctantly pull in the opposite direction all the while screaming your lungs out for help. Your screams catch the ears of some passers-by but their attention is quickly diverted by one of your handlers who produces a police badge and states that you are a dangerous criminal who is wanted for questioning by the police.

Your pleas of innocence bear no fruits as you are helplessly dragged towards the rear passenger door of their un-marked car and bundled in. 2 of them ‘sandwich’ you at the back seat while the 3rd one rides shotgun with the driver as the car speeds off!!! All these occurring in the span of approximately 30-40seconds!

Inside the car, you are a total of 5 occupants. Fear has now clouded your judgement causing you to pathetically blurt out your particulars, occupation and all your secrets in a bid to declare your innocence to ascertain the probability of a mistaken identity on their part. Suddenly, without an instance of warning, a hard slap lands smack at the side of your face, you scream in agony as you clench the impact area simultaneously assuming a vertical foetal position.

‘‘Nyamaza! Ama tukumalize!’’, the abductor on your left-side roars. He quickly removes a gun and holds it to the side of your skull. The metallic coldness of the gun’s barrel against your face relinquishes all your energy leaving you in a state of paralysis like a d*** after a vigorous ejaculation.

‘’Toa kila kitu iko kwa mfuko,’’another rasps. The sight and feel of the gun has transformed you into an obedient zombie-like creature causing you to clean out all the contents of your pockets and lay them out for the abductors.

Just for good measure, the one on the right verifies that you have indeed emptied your pockets by also rummaging through them himself. Confident that you don’t have any valuables, one suggests, ‘’Ama tum-malize tu!!

The mention of those words ignites a vortex of vivid images inside your head as you miraculously begin to re-live flashes of your past memories. You immediately go limp as you desperately plead for your life to the point of weeping like a 10 year old girl who has been separated from her mother amidst a crowd of strangers while shopping at the market place.

Out of pity or perhaps embarrassment to see a grown adult soil their pants and stink up the whole car, they decide to free you in a remote location with nothing but a chain of future nightmares and an aching skull.