Forty-four lawyers have been struck off from roll of advocates for professional misconduct.

The group has been blacklisted for embezzling clients’ money and going against their professional code of ethics.

On Thursday, Advocates Complaints Commission said another 28 lawyers have been suspended pending investigations of cases brought by members of the public.

Commission’s chairman Joseph King’aru warned the public not to engage services of people masquerading as lawyers.

Speaking at Kigumo market during a forum with members of the public, King’aru asked clients to engage lawyers before contracting them on a bid to establish if they are qualified or not.

The commission has only managed to solve 424 cases out of the backlog of 18,000 cases forwarded by public concerning rogue advocates, he said.

“The commission is faced by challenge of shortage of staff as current has only 40 staff attending thousands cases brought by the public,” said the commission’s chairman.

He said the commission was planning to open up offices in the 47 counties to assist Kenyans who have to travel to Nairobi to seek assistance to trace some of the errant advocates.

During the sitting, the public raised issues of having engaged advocates who have failed to turn up in courtroom for hearing of their cases forcing the presiding magistrates to adjourn the matter.

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