June 10th 2012 is a date forever etched in the minds of many Kenyans. A tragic date for that matter, it is the date that Kenya lost 2 leaders and also dedicated pilots who were among them to a fatal aircrash in Ngong’. Prof. George Saitoti and his counterpart Hon. Joshua Ojode both from the national security docket lost their lives as they made their way for a ‘harambee’ gathering in the latter’s hometown.

It is custom for the dead to be given their peace as they rest in their eternal slumber but that is not the case for our 2 departed honourables. First it began with the Ojode family battling over the inheritance and of late, the Saitoti family is on the headlines with claims that Saitoti was not the biological father of the son he has called his own and has raised for 24years.

The Late Saitoti (Left): Zachary Musengi (Right)

This disclosure apparently comes from a Nakuru teacher who has gone to court claiming that the late Internal security minister’s son Zachary Musengi is his after noticing the resemblance during the late Minister’s burial broadcasted on tv. Sebastian Maina Ngunju alleges that Saitoti’s only son Zachary is his child Stephen Wachira who was abducted over 25 years ago in Subukia.

He claims that he reported the abduction to the area police  and also filed an affidavit in one of the local courts but all has been in vain due to the death threats he claims to be receiving. He also states that all witnesses have died except one and that during the hearing of the abduction case, one of the investigating officers told him that his son had been taken by then Vice President George Saitoti.

His attempts to verify his own claims once made him try working as a mason in the late Minister’s home in-order to get closer to his ‘son’ but it was unsuccessful none-the-less. More efforts to try and meet directly with Saitoti’s widow has also deemed fruitless.

So who is fooling who??? Does the teacher want to cash in on Saitoti’s wealth or does the Saitoti family have something to hide.