She boarded a Matatu in Town heading towards Nairobi West at about 2 PM on Sunday. She chose the front seat next to the Driver. There were other people in the Matatu, so she did not think danger awaited her!

Somewhere along the route, when the Matatu stopped to pick up passengers, the person sitting on her left side showed her a Knife and the Matatu Driver produced a Syringe!

The Manamba had now moved forward to block the view of other passengers and pressed her down as the driver injected her with a Sedative!

She woke about 4 hours later in Langata Cemetery!

Samaritans came to her rescue….thoroughly shocked, confused and traumatised!. They rushed her to hospital first and commenced Preventative Treatment immediately.


Lessons learned,

1. Ladies should avoid the front seat unless you know the Matatu or the crew… Hospital staff told them this happens a lot!

2. If you pass out on the Front seat, other passengers will assume that you are a friend of the driver!

3. Avoid plain white Nissans. Use the known Matatus with recogniseable names.

Poor girl couldn’t remember anything about the Matatu.

5. Board Matatus at designated points.

Be careful people it’s a scary world.

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