Drawing money from an ATM should be a breeze. You walk to the machine, insert your ATM card, authorize your PIN number, key in the acceptable amount of money you want to withdraw and Voila! In 3 minutes tops, you are done.

ATMs have become the most convenient way of accessing today’s money largely due to its efficiency in ensuring that you do not have to carry around ridiculous wads of cash for daily expenses. For a better part of its existence, it has deemed to be the most secure method of transaction. But of late, a certain dark cloud looms above its nearly perfect security record.

In a scenario similar to that which can be obtained from a spy-movie director’s script, criminals have upped their game and are now targeting these ATMs. With sophisticated technology, dummy equipment and sufficient knowledge, such fraudsters can empty your bank account in the blink of an eye without the cliché use of weapons or even personal contact with the victim.

Unlucky Kenyans have fallen prey to such robbery and many more are at the mercy of such criminals.Below is a clip aired on one of the Kenyan local TV stations in regards to ATM theft.