Once again, the controversial jazz musician Hellon (Right) is back on the scene. Leave alone his ‘Finger of God’ crap he fed Kenyans a few years ago, this time his ‘former accomplice’ has decided to expose him for who he really is. You usually see him on the social scene looking all fly and stunting but Esther Arunga (Left)- a former female news presenter whose career got washed down the drain through her involvement with him, has decided to expose his lifestyle of being a fraud, cheat, woman beater  and Gay.

Don’t take it from me, check out the below quote by quote letter she wrote regarding the jazz musician

 I can see lots of people are SLURPED in to Hellon’s embyonic stories just because we’re an envenomed couple, it’s your right! The man is simply seeking immersion after realizing without our presence he was an obliterated product. The chap doesn’t know he is vehemently digging his irrelevance sheol.
However, these are my questions to his foolhardy hosts in the 4th estate:

How many distinguished members are of the know that Hellon is a serious gay? His partner is a former Starehe Boys Centre student. Do you notice he “fries” his hair and femininely does his nails as he plays the feminine part.

He claims to be holding a Bachelor degree certificate in music from Cambridge university, can’t he be challenged to forward an evidence of an original transcript, evidenced UK student visa page on his passport and entry number from that varsity!! Because the British Education Board is ready to take a serious action should he forward charlatan documents. The guy has never stepped out of Africa, in fact he has only left for SA for 3 days.

Can’t he prove that he owns the title deeds, log books, and the school of music he blows trumpets of claims to? The records show the certificates and deeds are indeed owned by his father in-law? He has nothing that he can gasconade about. He is the poorest man until we arrived to FOG, he used us to fleece money for his lavish life. When we left, he got angry as he cannot live that livelihood again…by the way he only moved from Parklands to Runda when I arrived and am the person who searched for the Runda house. Anyone can ask the property’s landlord Mr Wainaina and he can be found at the former German embassy’s office building Ngong lane in Community.

Do Kenyans know he is a wife batterer? Last time, he beat his wife until she miscarried back in 2009. He physically and sexually abused every woman @ FOG, we got evidence and clips…he stripped his wife nude and took pictures of her. Sent them on porn sites for money and sex change. Why was he expelled from Agha Khan School where he was a teacher????????

We demand he stops threats of his credible of garbage book and come forward to show Kenyans a Kayole house with evidence of photos of us being together with our son….he is using his brothers as slaves and bodyguards while they’re supposed to be at school.

What about that stolen Mercedes Benz without its log book? It was stolen by Samuel Onyango Nyanjom who hasn’t produced the car’s log book till now. The vehicle is a theft product and must be investigated by Pangani Flying Squad. 110 body 126 engine that he gave to Odada. The KRA is demanding that a duty that wasn’t paid be settled and the cheeky FOG preacher continues to elude the authorities on that matter.

No music performance in Kenya can earn a jazz musician a clean Ksh 300,000, why can’t that DeBarl Inea challenge him to show Kenyans any recent receipts of secrets lounge with evidence of that kind of payment in one cheque? he shouldn’t forget my husband is a musician and we know all music performances secrets. Media biased arenas continue to give him airtime to preach his hollow tunnels propaganda. Can’t he show Kenyans a single bank statement chequed directly from the Secrets Lounge Club with a tag of Ksh 300,000? He performs music and church services in his residential rented house against the NCC rules. Pictures and clips are available.

He misleads people he owns a home in Kitisuru, can’t he be challenged to show an evidence of a Kitisuru Residents Association Landlord’s title deed with his names? Is he enslaving his brothers instead of taking them to school? Some of them don’t even have any secondary school education and he promised their parents in the rural areas that he could educate them.

He told Kenyans that my loving husband tipped my foods with LSD, that’s a serious offense. We got evidence Prof W of Agha Khan University hospital that shows I was healthier and had no chemicals running in my blood mainstream that could jeopardize my parturition before I flew abroad. He tipped our teas with some funny sex orgies stuff to perform nudity festivals to the moon at night where a Kenyan flag was burnt to enable a leading politician win elections. My husband warned me of this guy and we abandoned the group.

In fact, the main reason we parted ways was that he brought in a pastoral dream term called “gout and glutter” whereby church members’ spouses could be exchanged for sex as the lord would descend and bring wealth and fertility. He had this rule that if you proposed to be married or marry, as a pastor he was to “test” and taste” the woman first and check whether they were cervical cancer-ed patients or not. He misled me to sue my parents while I was at Dr Njenga’s 37 Muthangari road and even asked my husband to kill them, let him come out and deny the claims. We got witnesses who are ready to testify in court. When my husband ejected all these requests and asked me to withdraw the case, his instant hate for husband commenced from that point.

He spreads lies about CNN’s Larry King and etc, while every Kenyan knows that when he was obsessed with media interviews at his Runda compound making such announcements, my husband was incarcerated at Industrial Area. Check the Youtube recordings and dates. This is when he made such announcements. My husband wasn’t allowed to talk to us in jail or even use a phone according to the law.

We got more in store….coming up!!! (including how the baby died in his wife’s womb after a thorough beating)….hospital records are there unless he compromises them. Has he ever compromised the CID to apprehend us after supplying them with some……that is next!!!!