Ok, lets kick off this post with a little bit of imagination, shall we? yea……. you read it right, its primary school all over again. If you were the kind of student whose imagination span ranged shorter than a Bluetooth wavelength whereby a simple instruction from the teacher to write a composition stating what you would do if you were suddenly made the President of Kenya for a day, exhibited a pathetic attempt at creativity by only going as far as eating out at public restaurants for free.

If I just happened to describe you, fear not! I shall help you expand your imagination capacity from a mere 12kb to at least a 256mb, it’s the least I could do so feel free to thank me later 🙂 So…….. imagine you have finally landed a chance to go out with that hot guy (if you are a desperado girl) that you have been stalking with constant pokes and tagging him to horrible MS Paint edited pics in an attempt to get him to notice you. Or if you are THAT guy whose actions are solely driven by how fast her profile pic causes your genitalia to elevate.

So you decide to meet at a local hotspot at NIGHT because ignorance to you is a God-given right and as such you must exercise it. You chat over a couple of drinks and as stupidity would have it, there comes a moment when you completely leave your drink unguarded with a total stranger so as to go make a ‘call’. You come back and resume your drinking conversation. After a few minutes, everything begins to get blurry, your humongous head seems lighter than usual and the last image you see is of your ‘companion’ spotting a triumphant smile. Something a lot like this!

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the world of drink spiking!

Spiking is the art of deliberately adding a foreign substance into food, drink or any consumables so as to intoxicate or immobilize an unsuspecting person. Substances used for spiking are colorless, tasteless and have no smell thus making them hard to detect. The substances constantly used in spiking are  Rohypnol, Ketamine, GHB, alcohol, Valium, Barbiturates, Methamphetamines, LSD, Burunganda, Ecstasy, Hypnotics, Muscle relaxants, Temazepam, Ethanol, Midazolam, Benzodiazepines and many more.

The effects of the above drugs differ for each person as well as reactions determined by a person’s age, size, sex and type of drug administered. Common effects include :unconsciousness, paralysis, memory loss, nausea, muscle spasms, poor co-ordination, euphoric feelings, sleepiness, respiratory complications, slurring of speech and dizziness.

As unfortunate as the above circumstances may seem, you don’t have to possess a PhD in order to avert spiking. All you have to do is follow safety precautions, once again I am at your service if you are among the many Kenyans who consider THINKING a talent rather than an essential aspect of common sense which should exist in a human being primarily by default.