Wazzzzzup! Word on the street is that K-Nel aka Nelson Muriuki, a German based Kenyan hiphop artist is reaping too much where he does not sow. For those of you who don’t know who this K-Nel dude is (I am one of them apparently). He is the brains behind the Anglohili movement. First glance of the name reveals a pathetic attempt at word-fusion between ‘Anglais’ a french word meaning English and ‘Swahili’……uuuuuhmmmm, a swahili word meaning swahili. Mix them together and voila! ANGLOHILI is born. I wish it was that simple as i put it but his website complicates it even further by non-sensical gibberish about preaching and desolating the streets.

Don’t get me wrong am not hating on this here dude am just doing my thing and that is to lay it all down as how i see it. Soooooooo, back to the topic at hand, it seems that dude is allegedly a big-time conman fleecing artists out of their hardearned money. Dont take it from me, take it from Abbas Kubaff himself yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!

Abbas has apparently decided to ‘anika’ this dude via the above facebook update. Weeeeeeeeeeeell, i hope other artists who have fell in his trap pia decide to go public and roast this ni**a up! Ama you can just stalk him by following his tweets @KnelKing