esther njoroge

We all watched in awe as one of the country’s leading news stations aired a shocking documentary revealing the hidden practices undertaken in what are supposed to be the holiest institutions on earth. On one hand we had Esther Mwende who earns a living as a prostitute and on the other hand we had a televangelist Michael Njoroge who runs the Fire Gospel Ministry.Their occupations as you can see portray both the extreme ends of the societal taboos.

In the documentary, Michael is alleged to have solicited the ‘services’ of Esther and to further taint his ‘man of the cloth’ stature, went ahead and hatched a deal with her into giving false testimonies in his church. Her only incentive to partake in the plot being shs2000.

Their orchestrated plan was for her to attend one of his regular sermons and claim to be suffering from a rather comical mouth deformity whereby the pastor would perform his ‘miraculous’ healing powers on her. Both played their roles to perfection and no one would have suspected that the two even knew of each other before then.

A week later, she attended his sermon once more in-order to testify of her ‘miraculous’ recovery. As usual, the congregation went wild with joy as their man of God had once again triumphed over evil. It seemed like a perfectly executed deception.

It would however have gone un-noticed  were it not for the dedicated investigative journalist whom dishonest individuals love to hate while their down-trodden victims breathe a sigh of relief. The uncovered scandal would lead to a battle of whom was to be believed between Michael and Esther whereby Michael vehemently denies duping his congregation despite Esther’s live witness camera testimony.

Such a scenario may be among thousands of cases whereby churches take advantage of people’s spiritual desperation in-order to pad their own pockets. Churches have now become business ventures with each day a new church with a ridiculous name emerging with a view of safely securing worshippers’ souls from the  gates of hell as prophesied in the Bible. Many spiritual believers flock their churches tagging along their troubles with hope that their burdens will be absolved by the preachers.

To effectively reach out to their congregations, many pastors have hopped onto the media circle and preach through the radios and televisions. This however does not exempt their viewers  from the usual tithe offering. The common phrase adopted for such is the ‘panda mbegu’ whereby a small contribution via M-PESA will ‘guarantee’ you freedom from all your worldly troubles. Some even go ahead as to specify the exact amount of money needed for you to achieve your spiritual bliss.

We however do not dispute that some of these churches may be genuine in their spiritual causes, neither do we victimize the preachers who ask for contributions via M-PESA. But it is somehow frustrating to see some of these preachers living in mega mansions and driving top-of-the-range cars basically living the ‘high life’ while their congregation languish in their same problems despite their generous contributions to their respective churches in hopes that God may bless them and make their lives better.

As individuals, we are governed by our own actions and no matter the duration of time, the truth shall always prevail. So to all the rogue preachers out there desist from taking advantage of people’s desperations and troubles for your own benefits because just as the Gospel is a tool of salvation, it can also be a tool of your own damnation!