This has got to be the most obvious con trick in a con artist’s book. it has been around for centuries and it is disheartening that even in the 21st Century, unsuspecting Kenyans still manage to fall victims of such a guessing game. The basis of the game is to place a bet then quickly identify a correct card from a set of 3 cards laid out by the dealer and in return, your bet is double or even tripled depending on the conditions of the game. Piece of cake! You might think.

Many people have lost their money through this gambling game not because of their skill level but because they are oblivious of the trickery that goes on right under their noses as they partake in the game. Such trickeries are the ones we aim to expose.

In a 3 Card game, we have 3 participants. these are:

  1. Victim/Mark- this is the one who attempts to play the game
  2. Dealer- this is the one who deals the cards
  3. Accomplices/Shills- these are people who are in cohorts with the dealer to dupe the victim.

The conning begins right from the get-go whereby the shills lure the victim into playing the game. A probable scenario maybe that a victim curiously and innocently arrives at such a game and watches other participants try their luck. As the victim watches the game, he is likely to notice that he can follow the correct card more easily than the rest which sets him up to believe that he maybe a natural pro at the game. What he doesn’t know is that the ‘participants’ are actually the shills!

The victim will eventually enter the game and will unknowingly activate the chain of misfortunes that await him. Simple arithmetic shows that the chances of winning at such a game is a third while some people may be naturally lucky, being lucky the whole of your life will not guarantee you the same at such a game.

When you pick the wrong card, the dealer will blatantly and be quick to show you the card and quickly relieve you of your bet money. However, when you pick the correct card, the dealer will employ certain techniques of misdirection to ensure you never win. These techniques are:

1) Higher bets- when the victim chooses the correct card, one of the shills will place a higher bet whereby the dealer will say that he only accepts higher bets thereby making the shill play that round and ultimately ‘win’.

2) Drop move- when the victim chooses the correct card, the dealer will begin to pick up the other cards. He will ‘accidentally’ drop a card face down and pretend that he is trying to pick it up but cannot reach it.He will hence tell the victim to pick up the dropped card. As the victim picks up the card, the dealer quickly switches the other card positions. When he retrieves the dropped card, he will flip it over to reveal it to be incorrect card.

Either way, when the dealer does not want you to win, you will definitely NOT win. With the odds stacked up against you, it is highly advisable to keep off such a game. Even armed with the knowledge of detecting such trickery it is still not advisable to play this game because each and every day new methods and tactics are devised in-order to relieve you of your money.

We will however not despair in posting new tactics as soon as they are revealed to us. Remember, Life is also a game so play it well!