🇺🇸 Instant Loan Apps In USA [2023]

Instant Loan Apps In USA [2021]

According to Wikipedia, the US economy is regarded as among the highly ranked globally as well as the most technologically advanced.

Furthermore, the US currency commonly referred to as the US dollar, is the most adopted currency in the world due to its foremost reserve currency.

In fact, some countries like Zimbabwe and Ecuador have shifted to using the US dollar as their official currency as a result of the financial crises that rendered their local currencies worthless.

Despite such impressive stats in comparison to other first world countries, most Americans find themselves on the brink of simply getting by largely contributed by the mixed elements of both capitalism and socialism.

Similarly, unequal access to credit has led to the emergence of short-term unsecured digital loans commonly referred to as payday loans.

Such instant loans are easy to access due to their far less eligibility requirements and usually do not require a credit history compared to traditional loans.

On the contrary, payday loans also possess negative attributes such as high interest rates and the possibility of getting users trapped in a debt cycle.

Irregardless of the cons of payday instant loans, most Americans have no option but to rely on them for sustenance.

Below we look at some of the instant loan apps in the US.


Albert is an instant loan app in USA provided by Albert Corp.

In-order to be eligible for Albert loans, the applicant should be an adult of US residence with an active bank account and a U.S carrier supported mobile phone.

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Albert offers instant loans of up-to a maximum of $100. New applicants can access Albert loans via the Albert loan app available at the Playstore


Affirm is an instant loan app in USA that is more of a shopping credit facility rather than the conventional payday loan apps.

The Point of sale loan is offered by Affirm Inc and to get started with Affirm, you are required to create an account via the Affirm app available from the Applestore or Playstore or through the Affirm website.


Earnin is another popular instant loan app in USA that is being offered by Active hours Inc.

To register for Earnin loans, one is required to download the Earnin payday loan app from the Play store or Appstore create a profile and link it to a direct deposit/ checking bank account.


Brigit loan app is a product by Brigit that advances instant loans of between $80 to $250 to US residents.

However, to get a loan from Brigit, one is required to possess a Brigit score of at least 70, have an active checking account for not less than 2 months with at least 3 recurrent deposits from the same source.

Additionally, the account should maintain a minimum balance as well as have no overdraft.

To access Brigit loans, download the Brigit loan app either from Playstore or Applestore.


Moneylion by MoneyLion Inc is an instant loan app in USA that offers loans ranging from $25 to $200 with zero interest rates.

To register with Brigit, one is required to download the Brigit loan app from either the Playstore or Appstore, fill in the needed profile info and link the Brigit loan app to your bank checking account.


Cleo is a salary advance instant loan app in USA that is offered by Albert Corp. To apply for a Cleo loan, you will need to first subscribe to its CleoPlus subscription service that costs $5.99 per month and also set up a Cleo wallet.

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Cleo loans have a maximum limit of $100 and attract zero interest fees.

Cleo loans can be accessed via the Cleo loan app available at Playstore as well as the Applestore.


Payactiv is not necessarily an instant loan app in USA but is regarded as an employee financial wellness benefit program that provides access to wages already earned.

Payactiv is initially implemented by the employer after which the employees can register for the service via the website or the Payactiv app downloadable from the Appstore or the Play store.

Once downloaded, employees are required to create an account by submitting your employee ID, mobile phone number and company name.

Furthermore, Payactiv does not charge any interest,enrollment or recurring fees.


Flexwage is a product by Flexwage Solutions. It’s holds similarity to PayActiv in that it is not an instant loan app in USA but an employee benefit that enables employees access a portion of their earned wages before payday.

To use Flexwage, employers need to adopt the system then send a link to their employees to complete the enrollment form for them to receive a personalized Flexwage visa card to enable them proceed with registration.

Employees can then register via the website and download Flexwage app via Playstore or Appstore for future logins.

Flexwage does not charge any interest fees.

Even (InstaPay)

Even, a product offered by Even Responsible finance is another employee benefit similar to PayActiv and Flexwage available only to employers who have partnered with them.

It attracts no taxes or interest apart from the monthly Even Plus subscription.

It is accessible via the Even app downloadable from either the Playstore or Appstore.


DailyPay by DailyPay Inc also operates like PayActiv, Flexwage and Even as an on-demand pay platform.

To use DailyPay, you are required to download the app from Playstore or Appstore.

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Branch app also falls in the category of on-demand services like PayActiv, Flexwage, Even and DailyPay. It is referred to as an app that grants employees instant access to their wages.

It offers free instant paycheck advances, two-day early paycheck and has no overdraft fees.

To use the Branch app, get it on the Appstore as well as from the Playstore.


Empower is another instant loan app in USA that is provided by Empower Finance. To open an account, you need to be 18+ years old, hold a U.S bank account as well as a U.S carrier supported mobile phone.

To sign up for Empower, you need to download the Empower app from the Appstore or Playstore, provide some personal info and link the account to your bank.

Empower app provides instant loans of up-to $250 with zero credit checks, interest fees or late fees.


FloatMe is a payday instant loan app in USA that requires applicants to have a steady paycheck of at least $200 consecutive pay periods, ability to receive direct deposits in additional to a minimum account balance that can repay FloatMe loans.

To create a FloatMe account, download the app from either the Playstore or Appstore, fill in the required basic info and link it to your bank checking account which receives direct deposit.

FloatMe does not have charge any interest or fees except for the small amount charged to cater for the extra cost of depositing funds quickly to an account.



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