🇺🇸 Cleo loan Review: How It Works, Application, Payment, Contacts

Cleo loan Review [2021] : How It Works, Application, Payment, Contacts

Cleo loan app is offered by Albert Corp. The Cleo loan app is available on the Google Playstore and is accessible to US and UK residents and has over 500K+ downloads in addition to a 4.2/5 star rating with 16K+ reviews.

How to apply for Cleo loan

To get started with Cleo loan salary advance, you need to first to subscribe to the Cleo loan plus service which costs $5.99 per month.

This subscription service offers access to additional Cleo features like cash back and salary advances.

Secondly, you are required to set up a Cleo wallet which will receive funds deposited for savings or used in the payment of the Cleo plus subscription.

How to qualify for Cleo loan 

Once the Cleo Plus and Cleo Wallet are set up, you can proceed to find out if you qualify for the Cleo loan salary advance.

To do this, go to the Cleo loan Facebook page messenger app and type ‘Spot Me’ to the Cleo chatbot to find out whether you are qualified or not to receive the salary loan.

This decision is determined by various factors including your salary amount, budget, spending habit and a lot more to gauge your ability to make repayments.

Cleo loan salary advance limit and how it is determined

Qualified applicants for the Cleo loan salary advance can access a maximum loan amount of $100. However, this amount is not guaranteed upon application due to the automated checks conducted by Cleo systems to gauge the applicant’s repayment capabilities.

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Thus, loan limits vary per individual but all are capped at $100.

Approved salary advances are disbursed via 2 options i.e standard ( takes 4 business days ) and Express Payout ( $3.99 subscription service that takes the same day )

How to apply for Cleo salary advance repayment extension

If you are unable to make repayment on the due date, users can request for Cleo loan salary advance repayment extension through the Cleo Facebook chatbot by typing ‘extend repayment date’ 

However, this can only be done once and for 14 days past your original repayment date.

How to repay Cleo salary advance loan

One can choose to pay off the Cleo salary advance loan early or upon due dates. Such Albert loan payments can be made via 2 options. These are:

– Manual: Go to Cleo Facebook chatbot and type’payback’ to access the option of making partial or full repayment.

– Automatic: Cleo will send out an alert on repayment 2 days before due date and upon repayment date, Cleo will automatically deduct the due amount.

How to contact Cleo loan providers

For any queries, the Cleo team can be contacted via their various media channels below.

  • Email: team@meetcleo.com
  • Facebook: @MeetCleo
  • Twitter: @meet_cleo
  • LinkedIn: @cleo_ai 
  • Instagram: @meetcleo

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