🇺🇸 Albert loan Review [2023] : How It Works, Application, Payment, Contacts

Albert loan Review [2021] : How It Works, Application, Payment, Contacts

Albert loan app is offered by Albert Corp. The Albert loan app is available on the Google Playstore and is accessible to all US residents and has over 1M+ downloads in addition to a 4.2/5 star rating with 14K+ reviews.

How to set up an Albert account

In-order to set up an an Albert account, certain eligibility requirements need to be met.

Before one can set an Albert account, the applicant must ensure that s/he is an adult of U.S residence with an active bank account.

In addition, s/he should also possess a U.S carrier supported mobile phone. 

How to qualify for Albert loan

Besides Albert app being a finance management app, it can also be used to receive cash advances via the Albert Instant feature.

However, before one can request for Albert loan, one needs to qualify for Albert Instant which requires the applicant be in employment, possess a current bank account that receives regular payment and that the account should have no overdraft.

How to apply for Albert Instant loan

If the above Albert Instant qualifications are met, one can proceed to apply for the Albert Instant loan by clicking on the Instant card available on the home screen of the Albert app and submitting the required details.

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Albert loan cash advance limit and how it is determined

Albert cash advances are capped at $100 per individual. However, each applicant is allocated a specific limit dependent on income and repayment behavior.

This means that those with higher income will be allocated higher limits that those with lower income.

Approved cash advances are disbursed via 2 options i.e standard ( takes 3 business days ) and Instant (  takes between 10 minutes to 24 hours depending on subscription options )

Genius subscribers pay a $3.99 delivery fee and receive the cash advance within 10 minutes while the rest pay $4.99 and receive the cash advance the next payday.

How to repay Albert loans

One can choose to pay off Albert loans early or upon due dates. Such Albert loan payments can be made via 2 options. These are:

– Manual: This is effected by tapping on the gear symbol available at the top right of the screen and
under the Status section, tap ‘Repay now’, select the amount to be repaid, and click ‘Continue’

– Automatic deduction (Auto-Repay) : The next paycheck date is automatically detected by Genius and upon due date, the exact cash advanced amount is automatically deducted.

How to contact Albert loan providers

For any queries, the Albert team can be contacted via their various media channels below.

  • Email: support@albert.com
  • Facebook: @albertapp
  • Twitter: @albertapp
  • Instagram: @albertapp


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