🇺🇸 Affirm loan Review [2023] : How It Works, Application, Payment, Contacts

Affirm loan Review [2021] : How It Works, Application, Payment, Contacts

Affirm loan app is offered by Affirm, Inc. The Affirm loan app is available on the Google Playstore and is accessible to all US residents and has over 1M+ downloads in addition to a 4.6/5 star rating with 45K+ reviews.

How Affirm loan works

Affirm loans bear a large distinction from other loan apps available for US residents in that Affirm credit is more of a shopping credit facility in relation to other conventional payday loan apps.

This means that with Affirm, the credit advanced is used for making purchases at Affirm affiliate stores, Affirm app or at Affirm’s official website.

How to apply for Affirm loan

To get started with Affirm loan for new applicants, you need to create an Affirm account via the app or Affirm’s official website.

Once the Affirm account is created, you can now proceed to make purchases. To do so, go to any of Affirm’s partner stores, do your shopping and at checkout, select Affirm.

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Submit your phone number so as to receive a text message containing a 4-digit verification code.

Enter the verification code to proceed and view the loan decision which comprises of the Affirm loan amount, Affirm loan interest and Affirm loan duration.

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Choose your desired payment schedule and click ‘Confirm loan’ to complete the Affirm loan application process.

How to pay off Affirm loan

One can choose to pay off Affirm loans early or upon due dates. Such Affirm loan payments can be made through Affirm’s official website or Affirm loan app using various payment options including checking account, debit cardor check.

To make an Affirm loan payment using:1) Affirm loan app: 

Click on ‘Manage’, select the desired purchase, amount to be paid, date, and method then click ‘Pay Now’ 

2) Affirm official website: 

Go to ‘Pay’ , select the desired purchase, click ‘Make one time purchase’,choose payment amount and date, select payment method then click ‘Continue’.

Once satisfied with the payment amount, method, and date, click ‘Submit payment’

How to contact Affirm loan providers

For any queries, the Affirm team can be contacted via their various media channels below.

  • Email: help@affirm.com
  • LinkedIn: @affirm
  • Twitter: @Affirm
  • Instagram: @affirm


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