🇺🇬 QuickSente Loan App [2023]- How To Apply, Repay, Interest rate, Contacts.


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QuickSente loan app is offered by QuickSente. The QuickSente loan app is reserved for Ugandans and is available on the Google Playstore with over 100K+ downloads in addition to a 4.5/5 star rating with 6.1K+ reviews.

QuickSente Loan Requirements & Eligibility

QuickSente is available to all Ugandan citizens above 18 years with a valid national ID card.

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QuickSente Loan Registration & Application

Download, install and launch the QuickSente loan app from the Playstore

Click on ‘Apply Now’

Enter your mobile phone number

Enter the 4-digit OTP sent via SMS to the above number 

Set and confirm your login password and grant the app permission access to your phone

Input your personal details such as full names, date of birth, gender, education degree & national ID number (optional)

Other additional details  required are work information such as work status, frequency of salary paid, monthly income & salary payday

For the family information section, state your region, city, marital status as well as provide two (2) emergency contacts revealing their names, phone number and relation to you.

QuickSente Loan Amount Limits

QuickSente offers loans ranging from a minimum amount of UGX 5,000 up-to maximum of UGX 5,000,000 

Note: Deductions of the interest amounts are effected before loan disbursements hence you will receive less money that what was originally applied for.

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QuickSente Loan Interest Rates

QuickSente loans attract interest rates of above 25%

Note: In comparison to other digital lenders within the same category, 25% is considered extremely expensive

QuickSente Loan Repayment Period

QuickSente loans are required to be repaid within 8 days from the loan disbursement date

Note: In relation to the amount & interest rates offered, a repayment duration of 8 days is too short considering that numerous phone calls & SMS are made even before the due date.

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QuickSente Loan Contacts

Email: help@quicksente.com
WhatsApp: (+256) 742 999 918


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