🇺🇬 ManguCash Loan App [2023]- How To Apply, Repay, Interest rate, Contacts.


ManguCash loan app provided by ManguCash is among the 17+ digital loans in Uganda. The loan app is available on the Google Playstore and is accessible to all residents of Uganda and it has over 500K+ downloads in addition to a 4.6/5 star rating with 600+ reviews.

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ManguCash Loan Requirements/Eligibility

ManguCash is available to all Ugandan citizens aged between 20-60 years with a bank verification number (BVN) who are subscribed to MTN Airtel Glo and 9Mobile networks.

ManguCash Loan Registration & Application

Download and install the loan app available from the Playstore.

Grant the app permission access to your phone data including call logs, SMS, contacts, storage, gallery etc and complete the registration process.

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ManguCash Loan Amount Limits

The loan amounts range from a minimum of UGX60,000 to a maximum of UGX400,000.

Note: Loans are approved and disbursed within minutes of application.

Note: The loan amount received is less compared to the approved loan amount since the service fee charge is deducted prior to disbursement. e.g If you qualify for a loan of UGX66,000, you will receive UGX45,000

ManguCash Loan Interest Rates

The loans attract an interest rate of upto 30%

Note: This interest is considered higher compared to other digital lenders.

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ManguCash Loan Repayment Duration

The loans provide a repayment duration option of 8 and 14 days whereby repayment is done through the app.

Note: Despite the actual respective loan due dates, debt recovery through constant calls & SMS is usually actualized 24-48hrs before the due date. Failure to make repayment on due date will result in a penalty fee of 2% per day as well as debt shaming by contacting a borrower’s phone book contacts.

ManguCash Loan Contacts

5 Kafu Rd, Kampala, Uganda
Email: help@mangucash.com
Tel: (+256)776 913 124 / (+256)741 241 337
Whatsapp: (+256)740 032 364


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