🇺🇬 How To Solve E07 Error On Yaka Meter & Other Errors In 2023


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Yaka is Uganda’s form of electric prepayment system provided by Umeme that allows its users full management over their electricity consumption and expenditure through the use of Yaka meters.

Yaka meters usually require a 20-digit system generated token containing Yaka units allocated as per the user’s purchase amount i.e. the higher the purchase amount, the higher the Yaka units.

Such Yaka tokens can be obtained from a variety of sources including mobile money, point of sales as well as select partner banks.

Despite the benefits of the Yaka system compared to postpaid in terms of paper bills, inconveniences of power reconnection after disconnection and long queues, Yaka meters are not 100% efficient.

This conclusion is drawn in regards to the various errors encountered while using Yaka meters. Such errors can range from issues that may require simple do-it-yourself fixes to more complex scenarios requiring technical support.

Below are some of the Yaka meter errors and how to handle them.

Note: This information is for educational purposes only, attempt them at your own risk. If unsure about any procedure, kindly contact a qualified technician or Umeme team for guidance.

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a) How To Fix Spanner Icon On Yaka Meter

The spanner icon is another common error observed in Yaka meters that usually occurs due to electric shock or meter tampering attempts.

During the above occurrence, access to power is completely cut off and to regain it, you will need a tamper code from Umeme.

To do this, simply follow the below steps

i. Dial #043# on your Yaka Meter
ii. Depending on the nature of the issue, the Yaka meter will likely display the status ‘ACTIVE’ or any other
iii. Navigate to any of the official communication channels for Umeme such as Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp
iv. Share with them your Yaka meter number and the displayed status upon dialing #043#

The Umeme team will therefore issue you with a 20-digit tamper code that you should input into your meter.

Once this is done, your power should be restored.

b) How To Fix Negative Units Display On Yaka Meter

The solution to the above can be as simple as buying Yaka units equivalent or slightly above the -ve units so as to remain with +ve units.

For example, if the meter displays -0.96kw, proceed and purchase units equivalent to 1kw

c) How To Fix rFCON Error On Yaka Meter

The above error occurs whenever there is little or no radio frequency connection as a result of bad weather, power failure or lost connection between Yaka meter and pole meter box.

You may attempt to regain the connection by either;

i. Pressing the left arrow key or dial #80# on the Yaka meter to refresh it.
ii. Dialing #75# to check signal strength
ii. Dialing #36# to repair the meter

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If the situation is not resolved by any of the above, seek technical assistance from a qualified technician.

d) How To Fix ‘Failed’ Error On Yaka Meter

This is a familiar error experienced especially when loading Yaka tokens into the meter.

To solve it, simply;

i. Ensure that your Yaka meter is plugged into a power source i.e. preferably directly to a wall socket
ii. Input the code 18075773902 and press ENTER
iii. Input your meter number and press ENTER
iv. Input your Yaka token code and press ENTER

e) How To Fix E07 Error On Yaka Meter

E07 error is a widely common occurrence in Yaka meters and it is usually caused by low communication between the meter and CIU due to a faulty component(s).

Due to the complexity of the error, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a qualified technician whenever it arises.


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