🇰🇪 Buy Now, Pay Later Apps In Kenya: LipaLater Review 2022


🇰🇪 Buy Now, Pay Later Apps In Kenya: LipaLater Review

LipaLater is a Buy Now, Pay Later product financing option offered by Odyssey Capital that provides convenience while shopping at the 500+ retail partner stores through spreading of payments in flexible monthly installments.

How To Qualify For LipaLater Product Financing

In-order to use LipaLater service, applicants are required to submit 6-months mpesa statement or 3-months bank statement.

Does LipaLater perform a credit check? Yes

How To Register & Apply For LipaLater Product Financing

Navigate to LipaLater website

Click on the ‘Sign Up’ and proceed to create your account by entering the information required in the various steps such as;

Step 1: Personal details

In this section, enter your first & last name, birth date, ID type & number, phone number, marital status and gender

Step 2: Employment details

Select your employment type i.e employed/self employed

If self employed, you will be required to state your business type from the list of provided options i.e student, freelancer, proprietorship, partnership or limited company and the method with which you receive payments ( bank/mobile money/cash)

In addition, you are required to state your average monthly expenses in relation to personal & business as well as your gross business monthly revenue.

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If employed, select whether in the private/govt sector, employer name, job function/level, mode of salary payment (Mobile money/Cash/Bank) in addition to net monthly income and monthly expenses.

Step 3: Kin details and residential address

Provide your next of kin name, phone number & relationship as well as your county, address, postal code and house number.

Step 4: Login Credentials

In this section, enter your email address and generate a password.

Sign in to your account to access your credit limit and submit your M-Pesa statement for credit approval.

LipaLater Credit Limit Amount, Interest Rate And Repayment Duration

LipaLater offers a credit limit of up to Ksh200,000 at a fixed interest rate of 4.2% repayable within a period of 2-12 months with no deposit amount required.

In-order to determine installment amount to be paid based on product price and repayment period, one can use the LipaLater loan calculator by

– Selecting your currency
– Entering item price
– Entering repayment period between 2-12 months


How To Order For An item Using LipaLater

Sign in to your LipaLater account and proceed to the LipaLater online shop

Select your preferred product whereby its price will be displayed alongside the monthly installment to be made.

Lipalater 3

Click on ‘Add to Cart’ and proceed to check out and choose ‘LipaLater’ to place your order and await its delivery.


How To Repay LipaLater

a) How To Repay LipaLater Via Paybill

– Go to M-Pesa menu
– Select Lipa Na M-Pesa
– Select Paybill
– Enter the Paybill number 174199
– Enter account number LP
– Enter amount
– Enter M-Pesa PIN

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b) How To Repay LipaLater Online

Login to your LipaLater account

Click on ‘Wallet’ to display your details such as balance, amount paid and due date

Proceed to click on ‘Make Payment’

List Of LipaLater Retail Partners

LipaLater boasts of 500+ retails partners which include;

Bold Industrial
Tris MotorcyclesLeviticus Electronics
Trig DigitalSkyGardenEndless
Safvic FurnitureCarpet CityCompland Shop
Oleander SolutionsDixonsBluebox
Rebune InternationalDignity FurnituresEngineering Supplies Limited
Yucca SoundsDogtasCopyrite Furniture
Vish ElectricChekiMall For Africa
Sunny DazeVictoria CourtsVitafoam

How To Contact LipaLater

Daykio Plaza, 1st Floor, Office Suite 1.3
Ngong Lane, Ngong Rd
P.O. BOX 43537 – 00100
Nairobi, Kenya.
Email: ask@lipalater.com
Tel: 0709 684000


https://www.facebook.com/TheKonvigilante https://www.twitter.com/Konvigilante

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  2. November 16, 2022

    […] LipaLater is another BNPL service that is currently available across Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and Rwanda that provides flexible payments of up-to 12 months for items purchased through the service. […]

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