🇰🇪 Buy Now, Pay Later Apps In Kenya: ImaliPay Review 2022


🇰🇪 Buy Now, Pay Later Apps In Kenya: ImaliPay Review 2022

ImaliPay is a Buy Now, Pay Later product finance option by ImaliPay to help Kenyans make work-related purchases without the worry of having cash on hand.

How To Qualify For ImaliPay Product Financing

Below are the requirements needed before an applicant can make use of the ImaliPay Buy Now, Pay Later service. They include;

– Must be 18 years and above
– Possess a valid verification document such as ID card or passport
– Must complete a KYC application
– Transact frequently via the ImaliPay platform

Does ImaliPay perform a credit check? No

How To Register & Apply For ImaliPay Product Financing

a) How to register for ImaliPay via ImaliPay App

Download, install and launch the ImaliPay app

Begin registration by selecting your country from the provided list i.e Kenya, Nigeria & South Africa

Input your mobile number and click ‘Send code’ to receive a 6-digit code via SMS

Proceed to enter your first and last name

Select the type of work you are involved in i.e bodaboda or taxi driver

Set and confirm your 4-digit PIN

Once logged into the app, proceed to submit your KYC registration information in-order to access the fuel credit. The details include;

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– ID number
– Phone number
– Driver’s license
– Selfie
– Vehicle type

Once done, wait for the verification process to complete.

b) How to register for ImaliPay via whatsapp

Send the word ‘Hi’ to the number +254 103919088

Proceed to set up your account by answering a few questions which include choosing your gig sectors i.e ride hailing or professional

Enter and confirm your full names as per your national ID

Choose and confirm your ID type from the supported ID types i.e alien card/national ID/passport

Enter and confirm  the respective ID number depending on the ID type selected above

Choose and confirm your employment status i.e employed/self-employed/freelancer

Send a picture of yourself (selfie) as well as that of your ID document

Read, understand and accept ImaliPay’s terms & conditions

You will receive a summary consisting of your full names, ID number and phone number as you wait for your account activation

Upon verification of your details, you can proceed to access the Buy Now, Pay Later options which include;

– Fuel/OTOgas (Okoa fuel)
– Smartphones (Okoa smartphone)
– Spare part (Lipa mdogomdogo)

How to make a purchase using ImaliPay Buy Now, Pay Later Option

When you purchase any of the above mentioned products, a unique voucher code is generated which must be validated by the relevant vendor before a product/service can be issued.

ImaliPay Credit Limit Amount, Interest Rate And Repayment Duration

ImaliPay credit limits depend on an individual’s credit score which can be increased through frequent transactions and timely repayments via ImaliPay.

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The service charges an interest rate ranging from between 15-35% depending on the product being purchased and repayment duration whereby the higher the repayment duration, the higher the interest rate.

ImaliPay repayment tenure is between 4-12 weeks also dependent on the purchased product as well as buyer’s credit history.

How To Repay ImaliPay

To make repayments, ImaliPay offers two channels i.e whatsapp and ImaliPay app. To do so, click on the ‘Repayment schedule’ section of the home screen, tap the ‘Repay’ button and choose your repayment amount as well as preferred payment mode.

List Of ImaliPay Retail Vendors

Below are a list of fueling stations where ImaliPay users can access fuel on credit. They are;

– Shell Komarock Kangundo Rd
– Shell Survey Thika Rd
– Shell Kasarani
– Shell Komarock
– Ola energy Ngong Rd
– Ola energy Bunyala Rd
– Ola energy Waiyaki Way
– Ola energy Langata Rd
– Ola energy Rongai
– Docks Oil Libya – Moi Avenue Mombasa

How To Contact ImaliPay

Wood Avenue Plaza (10th floor)
Nairobi, Kenya
Email: support@imalipay.com
Tel: (+254) 715 292 929


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