🇰🇪 Buy Now Pay Later Apps In Kenya: FlexPay Review 2023


🇰🇪 Buy Now, Pay Later Apps In Kenya - FlexPay Review

FlexPay is a Buy Now, Pay Later product financing option in Kenya offered by FlexPay Technologies with interest-free prepayments, instant approval, and zero credit checks by making products and services affordable to anyone, anywhere.

How To Qualify For FlexPay Financing

Unlike other buy now, pay later options, FlexPay does not outline any requirements needed to access their service.

Does FlexPay perform a credit check? No

How To Register & Apply For FlexPay Financing

Registration to FlexPay can be done via the website using the below procedure.

Navigate to the FlexPay website

Enter the required details which include; email address, first & last name, phone number and password generation and confirmation.

Click ‘Register’

Proceed to enter the verification code sent via SMS then click ‘Verify account’

FlexPay Credit Limit Amount, Interest Rate And Repayment Duration

FlexPay charges 0% interest rate and requires a minimum deposit of at least Ksh500 for booking of an item with a repayment period of upto three months.

If payment is not completed within the period, there are no penalties and one can proceed to make payment until completion.

In instances where full payment is entirely impossible, one can request for a shopping voucher from FlexPay totaling the amount already paid and in cases of price increase of an already booked item, top-up is required to meet the increment.

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How To Book For An item Using FlexPay

Login to your FlexPay account either via website or FlexPay app.

Click on ‘Our MarketPlace’  via the app or go directly to the FlexPay Marketplace or any other online FlexPay retail partners via the web.

Search for the preferred item whereby you will see an option to save with FlexPay.


Proceed to enter your full name, email address, phone number and deposit amount so as to book the item.


You will receive an M-Pesa prompt requiring you to input M-Pesa PIN so that the deduction can be made.

Once successful. You will receive an SMS notification from FlexPay confirming receipt of the payment.

How To Pay FlexPay

FlexPay payments can be made using various channels including ussd code, bonga points, FlexPay app and till number.

a) How To Pay FlexPay Via Ussd code

– Dial *384*30#
– Select option 2: My Account
– Select option 4: Make Payment
– Select the booking to pay for
– Select payment method from list of options i.e M-Pesa/Wallet/Refund/Flex coupon
– For this example, we shall use M-Pesa therefore select option 1: M-Pesa
– Enter amount to pay
– Select M-Pesa number
– Enter M-Pesa PIN
– Once successful, you will receive FlexPay SMS confirming receipt of your payment as well as the outstanding balance.

b) How To Pay FlexPay Via Bonga Points

– Dial *126#
– Select option 2: Lipa Na Bonga Points
– Select option 1: Buy Goods
– Enter FlexPay Till number: 700164
– Enter amount
– Confirm transaction details and select 1 to Accept or 2 Decline

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c) How To Pay FlexPay Via FlexPay App

– Download, install and login to the FlexPay app
– Click on the ‘Bookings’ menu located at the bottom menu
– A list of active booking(s) will be displayed
– Scroll to your preferred booking or filter by product or booking reference and click on the ‘Pay’ button beside it.
– Choose your preferred payment method i.e wallet or M-Pesa

d) How To Pay FlexPay Via Till Number

– Go to M-Pesa menu
– Select Lipa Na M-Pesa
– Select Buy goods and services
– Enter Till number 700164
– Enter amount
– Enter M-Pesa PIN

List Of FlexPay Retail Partners

FlexPay is gradually on-boarding new merchants into their Lipia polepole program with some of the merchants being;

– Zurimall Limited
– Naivas
– Moko
– PataBay
– HotPoint
– Roto tanks
– Smart Decor
– Leviticus
– House Wifes paradise
– LG Opalnet
– The Computer Shop
– Mashkys Furnitures
– Cool Star Refrigeration Malindi
– Inda Fitness Suppliers
– Tina Tyres
– X-Solar Systems Limited
– Edge Store Kenya
– Speed devices
– LiveMall Kenya

The merchant list is also available via the FlexPay app by clicking the ‘View our merchants’ tab.

How To Contact FlexPay

Unicity Mall,
Next to Kenyatta University Main Campus, Along Thika Rd,
Nairobi, Kenya.
Email: info@flexpay.co.ke
Tel: 0719725060


https://www.facebook.com/TheKonvigilante https://www.twitter.com/Konvigilante

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