🇰🇪 Buy Now Pay Later Apps In Kenya: Aspira Review 2023


🇰🇪 Buy Now, Pay Later Apps In Kenya: Aspira Review

Aspira is a Buy Now, Pay Later product finance option by CIM Credit Kenya Ltd to Kenyans that offers assistance in the achievement of lifestyle aspirations via accessible and hassle-free product financing.

How To Qualify For Aspira Product Financing

Before one can access the benefits of Aspira product financing, there are several eligibility requirements that are to be met. These include;

– Possession of a valid personal verification document i.e national ID or passport
– Latest 3-month M-Pesa statement
– Latest 3-month bank statement
– Payslip (optional if unemployed)

Does Aspira perform a credit check?

Yes. In addition to the above, Aspira also performs a credit assessment check which generally assists in determining the applicant’s financial ability to make repayment. Such parameters include;

– Current income level
– Monthly expenses
– Other financial commitments such as debt

Some of the above information may be sought from credit reference bureaus to ascertain one’s credit history.

How To Register For Aspira Product Financing


Prior to using Aspira, registration to the service is mandatory and this can be done via website using the below procedure.

Navigate to the Aspira website

Click on the ‘Apply for finance’ link located at the top of the page

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Proceed to fill in the required details such as first & last name, mobile number, email address, job type ( self-employed/permanently employed), area/city of residence, product/interest, ID, source from which you found the item of interest as well as retailer name offering the item.

Solve the reCAPTCHA and click ‘Submit’ to finalize the registration process.

Upon completion, you will receive a notification stating that a representative will be in touch within 24 hours.

How To Apply For Aspira

Download, install and launch the Aspira app from either Playstore or Appstore

Enter your email address, phone number and national ID

Read, understand and agree to Aspira’s terms, conditions and privacy policy by selecting the checkbox then click ‘Next’ to proceed.

Verify your mobile number by entering the 6-digit code sent to you via SMS then tap ‘Validate’

On the next screen, your available limit and allocated limit will be displayed.

Note: If your limit is zero and you are an existing customer, click on ‘Refresh limit’. For new customer(s), proceed to enter your employment status, employer’s name & employment duration, referee national ID and M-Pesa mobile number then click ‘Next’

Depending on your CRB rating your request will be denied or approved.

Aspira Credit Limit Amount, Interest Rate And Repayment Duration

For approved applicants, Aspira offers a credit limit of between Ksh10,000 to Ksh500,000 whereby depending on the value of an Aspira financed item, a 10% deposit is required up front for 1st time clients while for repeat clients is 0% deposit.

Note: This credit limit applies to one product at a time therefore no multiple products can be financed simultaneously.

In addition, Aspira charges a 3 to 7% flat rate monthly interest on the loan amount subject to one’s credit score and also offers 90% finance for upto 12 months  for 1st time clients and 100% for repeat clients.

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In-order to find out the deposit amount and installment amount in relation to a product’s price & repayment period, one can make use of the Aspira loan calculator option

All one is required to do is;

– Select the product to be financed from the list provided.
– Enter the product price
– Select the repayment period between 3-12 months


How To Pay Aspira

Aspira repayment can be made via

– M-Pesa till number 196528
– Paybill number 711136 (use your ID number as your account number)
– Pay Now option via Aspira app

List Of Aspira Retail Partners

Aspira has specific retail partners whereby their product financing option is applicable depending on the product range. They include;

The entire list can be found at Aspira retail partners.

HotPointCanonGlobo Edge Solutions
SkyGardenVivid GoldDixons
Samsung KenyaNikonTrichom Technologies
LG OpalnetOfficeMartGalectro
Textbook CentreXiaomiCoastal Image Technologies
Salute iWorldCameras AfricaImaging Solutions
iPhone Street KenyaHaierKen Computers - Mombasa
Elite Digital SolutionsFGee TechnologyAzone
Compland Shop.comClick ElectronicsAlmuri Technologies
KenyatronicsOmaar MarketplaceVision Plus
Humtech ShopGametroniqAlibhai Shariff
Panna Music CentreExcalibur Dealers
Tile & Carpet CentreDr. MattressMoko
Furniture PalaceOdds & EndsSkyGarden
Victoria CourtsZetu FurnitureSofi's Gal;ery
AshleyNaivas Saj Ceramics
Fairdeal FurnitureVictoria OfficeVivaldi
TACC Store Dignity FurnitureOfficeMart
Creative InnovationsCrown PaintsHudson Furnishing
Eagle Hardware - EldoretSunny DazeSuperfoam
SamsungLG OpalnetSkyGarden
Zedsons LtdXiaomiCrown Paints
HaierLeviticus ElectronicsNairobi Home Appliances
NewMatic Kitchen AppliancesBoschHousewife's Paradise
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How To Contact Aspira

CIM Credit Kenya
8th floor, West Park Towers,
Westlands Nairobi, Nairobi 00100, Kenya
Email: tellmemore@aspira.co.ke
Tel/Whatsapp: 0777 900 077


https://www.facebook.com/TheKonvigilante https://www.twitter.com/Konvigilante

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