🇬🇧 Pixieloans Review [2023] : How It Works, Application, Payment, Contacts


Pixieloans Review [2022] : How It Works, Application, Payment, Contacts

Pixieloans is an online loan credit broker provided by Maxed Up Media Ltd under reference number 848096 that is available to UK residents.


To qualify for a loan an applicant is required to be over 18 years of age, be a UK resident for a least 3 years, be employed either full time/part time and have the capability of making repayments.


1. Go to the broker’s loan application page and enter your loan details i.e how much you would like to borrow, number of loans taken in the last 90 days, duration of loan and loan purpose.

Pixieloans Loan Application Process Loan Details2. Fill in your personal details such as email address, title, first & last name, date of birth, mobile/work number, marital status and dependants.

Pixieloans Loan Application Process Personal Details3. Enter your current address i.e postcode, house number, street, town, county, time at address and residential status.

Pixieloans Loan Application Process Current Address4. Fill in your employment details such as employer name, monthly income, benefits, pension, other income, time at employer, employment type, availability of direct debit, payment frequency, next & following pay-date.

Pixieloans Loan Application Process Employment5. Outline your monthly outgoing expenses in the listed categories i.e mortgage/rent, credit repayments, utilities/bills, food, transport, childcare, insurance, alcohol/tobacco, health/beauty, holidays, restaurants, education, clothing/footwear, household goods, communication/entertainment, council tax and other expenses.

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Pixieloans Loan Application Process Monthly Outgoing6. Submit your bank details i.s bank sort code, account number, time at bank and debit card type. Also give consent to periodically receive marketing content as well as agree to have read and understood the terms and conditions.

Upon completion, click on ‘Submit’

Pixieloans Loan Application Process Bank Account Details


Pixieloans range from a minimum of £100 to a maximum of £5,000


Interest rates are dependent on individual circumstances such as loan amount and repayment period.


The loans have a loan term of 3-60 months.


Metropolitan House
Station Rd, Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle SK8 7AZ
Email: customerservice@maxedupmedia.com


https://www.facebook.com/TheKonvigilante https://www.twitter.com/Konvigilante

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