How To Leave A Group In Facebook Lite [2023/24]


Besides socializing, facebook is also a platform that you can use to gain knowledge on a wide variety of topics or meet people with similar interests through pages and groups.

Whereas facebook pages are primarily built for promotional purposes for a variety of brands, businesses and organizations, facebook groups on the other hand are for connecting people with similar interests.

Joining any of the above can be as simple as searching for the intended page title or group name then clicking the Like button beside the page name (Facebook Pages) or clicking the Join button (Facebook groups)

Similarly, leaving a group is just as simple whereby you just need to click on ‘Leave Group’.

Simple, right?

Well…… not necessarily, especially for users who prefer the stripped down version of facebook commonly known as facebook lite.

While the benefits of lite can be attributed to data saving and taking up less space on a device, its functionality might be at times difficult compared to the actual facebook app with all the features.

For example, basic actions like leaving a group in facebook lite can turn out to be one of the most frustrating experiences especially if you are not used to its navigation features.

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Therefore, in order to save your efforts, use the below procedure and you will be out of the group in no time and off on your merry way!

1. Navigate to the facebook group you would like to leave and tap on the 3-bar menu alongside the group’s name.

facebook group 2

2. Proceed to click on the 3-dotted menu as shown below

facebook 2

3. The above action will open additional options among them being the option to ‘Leave Group’



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