Kenyan Passport Charges In 2023

Kenyan Passport Charges In 2022

A Kenyan passport is an official document that grants its citizens permission to travel abroad and has a maximum validity period of upto 10 years.

Obtaining a passport is a process that at some point requires making payments in regards to the passport’s specifics such as passport & application type as well as page count.

Such charges do vary and below are the official fees allocated to each category.

a) Passport Type

Currently, there exists 2 passport types namely ordinary and diplomatic passports.

Ordinary passports are assigned to regular citizens while diplomatic passports are reserved for high ranking government officials and also offer certain travel privileges not available to ordinary passport holders.

Ordinary passports range from Kes4,550 – Kes7,550 depending on the page count while diplomatic passports are charged at Kes7,550

b) Application Type

This refers to the various reasons for making a passport application which include; new applications, replacements, change of particulars, mutilated passports, lost passports etc

The various charges for each include;

Mutilated passport – Kes10,050
Lost passport – Kes12,050
Temporary permit – Kes350
Identity certificate – Kes3,050

c) Page Count

This refers to the number of pages included in an ordinary passport whereby the more the pages, the higher the amount charged i.e

34 pages ( A Series ) – Kes4,550
50 pages ( B Series ) – Kes6,050
66 pages ( C Series ) – Kes7,550

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